Nursery my brother told me about has 105 varieties of plants!

stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)May 10, 2014

Website states they have 30 varieties of bells, 25 of milds, hots, and superhots.
I'll believe it when I see it.
Heading out there on Wednesday. 39 miles but I'm doing it.
The wife is already dreading it but she wants to go and look at lemon trees.


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Where at? I might be within driving distance too.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Here you go PunkRotten :-)

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Green arrow is 200yrds up the street on Sepulveda-N.Hills from me.

Don't count on the Supers being what they are Labeled as.

In 4 yrs. NONE have grown what they were supposed to be for me.

I only buy off the deliver truck stuff being delivered while I'm there. I can see the trucks drive in or past my place.

No chance a customer switched tags.
Growers are using bunk seeds...

Morouga was a de arbol type pepper,Bhuts were MAYBE fatalii or Devils tongue,butch t I never figured out what it was.
They had not brain strain,White Scorpion or 7 pot , morouga,chocolate bhut and several other supers last year.
None grew true for me,most weren't even supers.

They do sell larger plants later in the season with pods on it that some do look true.
At a higher price.

I bank at green arrow almost every pay day , BUT for the last few years their plants suck.

Lots of virus infected plants this year - Crinkled new growth etc.

Last year it was broad mites...

Gotta get the larger potted up plants with pods on them to actually know what you are buying.
Lots of crosses with the bigger plants too.

Talk to Chris if you go there.Cool guy.
He isn't there on Tues. and Wed.

Just be VERY picky about checking out your plant before you buy.

It might be only 1 grower screwing up,I don't know.
I only got 1 plant of whatever I wanted.
They get the same varieties from several growers...

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Maybe it's just me. I don't get it. What would anyone's incentive be by not growing the correct seed?
How valuable are these plants?
See what I'm getting at?
What's the benefit?
"I'll give them serrano seed that should have been morugas".
I just don't see the point.
How much is a true seed worth? Hundreds?

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Supers go for 2X the price as plants.
Super seeds cost a lot more too.

We aren't talking about a dozen plants ,growers sell thousands.
2x the asking price by growers or seed vendors.

Sell a Cayenne for $.50 or $1.00?

I'd say that is a lot of incentive.

A lot of the seeds I think the growers are using is from seeds the grower purchased and never test grew them for purity.

Super hot seeds can go for up to a buck a piece-retail.
Mostly 50-75cents each.

Jalapeno ,Cayenne are only a cent or 2 each, if that, in bulk.
Until recently,except for Bhuts,Supers were not grown commercially in a large scale for the U.S. market.

I read on the internet all the time about people selling all kinds of seeds that are crosses or not what they were supposed to be.
As far as supers go,not many of the so called new strains are stable.
Doesn't matter to some seed vendors or growers,they already have green arrows and every one elses $.

By the time you find out you grew cayenne or ?,it's too late to re grow IF the nursery even replaces the plant (with plants from the same vendors?,you probably get the same thing...).

It's probably really hard to figure out who is doing the ripping off.
Can be anyone in the chain from seed suppliers,seed vendors to growers...

If you want the "Not" Butch T I have,you can pick it up when you go to Green Arrow.
It's about 2-3ft tall.

Bring a #15 pot or a garbage bag to put it in.
It's headed to the dumpster soon.
E mail me if you want it,I don't want it.Almost tossed it today...

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Thanks for the info. Yeah, I figured that the supers were more expensive seed wise.
I just picked up some rare Hungarian pumpkin pepper seeds from an extremely reliable source so I'm not worried on those.

Don't toss that plant. It can't help what it is. If you still don't want it, I'll take it when I go there.


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Have you spoken to anyone a GA about your experiences?

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Stoney: Armstrong's has some superhots. Not sure which ones but i did see Bhuts at the one down here about a month ago.


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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Oh, I know Kevin.
Armstrong is right down the street from me.
They have bhuts and fatali.
I like them for plants!

I'm just curious about Green Arrow. I'll be able to tell some of the supers by leaf shape.
We are also going to pick up a Eureka Lemon tree while we are there.
$29 for a 6 footer...can't beat that :-)


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I live at Green Arrow. LOL

Yes I've talked to them.
They get what the growers bring them.
The guys who work there have no control about who the big wigs decide to buy from.

The plant - Not Butch T is from last year.
I usually give plants away,don't toss them.

Nobody wanted this one.

I think I have a couple more plants out there that need a home too.

Kalia Mirch from India,3 or 4 season old plant,VERY productive year round.
I'm just tired of it.
Makes great powder.

Might be a beat up red Dominica Hab. , a philipine market pepper and a few others out there too.

I do like green Arrow,I just don't trust their plant quality anymore in general.

They lost their best supplier a few years back and have taken on several smaller growers to replace them.

That is when the crap started.

It used to be they had 3X+ the varieties of hot peppers than they carry now.

The WHOLE back area used to be hot peppers.And part of the front fence area.

Now it's mostly tomatoes etc.
All I grow are hot peppers,I have no clue as to the quality of the other stuff they sell.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Ok, cool.

I'll take that plant then.


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Cool not too far from me, probably a 15 min drive. I might check it out. Might be worth to hit up Armstrong's as well for Fatalii.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

smokemaster. email sent.


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