Whats going on??

Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)October 29, 2011

My windmill palm has been in decline so I put it in a sunnier spot and its still isnt looking good. It looks like the spear has opened up just a tiny tiny bit but hasnt done anything in awhile. Is it still OK? The spear still wont pull.



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The spear still looks good. It seems lilke whatever caused the problem isnt causing the problem anymore. Now this is just what your left with. I personally think that some palm seedlings just dont do well in new enviorments. Keep in mind that it had to go through the mail and from one climate to another, and then be repotted and then go inside. I've lost a few mail order palm seedlings for what seems to be no reason.
I hope it makes it for you! Definitely dont give up on it and keep us updated!

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