First snow pics of the year...Sorry!

bradleyo_gwOctober 2, 2011

Not something I want to brag about. Earliest snow I ever remember. 2nd time in 4 winters here that I've had snow before frost.

It wasn't a horrible event. It was 37F while it was snowing very hard.

This morning around 7am.

It's not much damage but here's how it looks now. The leaves haven't even really started to change yet.

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At least the plants didnt have any freeze damage! I cant believe it snowed though. Way too early to see that!

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OMG...where is this? what city and state do you live in. Staten Island got down to a chilly 50 this morning and hit a high of 67 by 4 pm

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That is the weirdest, craziest thing. I've never seen snow on a banana before. I've been growing bananas for at least 8 years, and frost has always hit my bananas before snow ever did.

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Doesn't look like it bothered them to much....
hopefully it will be a long time before you see snow again!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Fall is here! It was mild enough (37) and not followed by bitter cold so that you can squeeze more tropical time with them. That's some garden! I like what you did there, it shows real talent. What do the neighbors say?

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Cali - Dubois, Pa in north central Pa.

Island - this is the 2nd time in 3 years my banana has seen snow on it with green leaves.

Brooklyn - I get a lot of comments, slow downs, drive bys and double takes. I also end of giving a lot of tours and a lot of plants and cuttings away which would otherwise be wasted.

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