Trachcarpus fortunei 7 years in growth

trachyhead(z8b SE England)October 8, 2010

One of my first trachies planted out in 2003

Here is an almost annual pictorial story of growth

You gotta love the before and after, good old TF are not that slow after all. ;-)

JUNE 2003

JUNE 2004

JULY 2005


MARCH 2008



7ft trunk in 7 years. Come on lets see yours over a similar period.

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My windmill palm is in its 2nd year and its a bit smaller than yours back in 2003. Im hoping mine grows at the same rate as yours did! It put out 5 fronds for the year but I cant get good comparison pics until the frost knocks out all the plants around it which wont happen until about November. But when that does happen, I will share some pics of its growth rate!
You have a beautiful trachy! I definitely think its worth the 7 year wait and in another decade, that will easily be taller than a 2 story house!!!
Good luck!

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Wow Vic,that things a monster!

I like how it almost grows out of the picture at the end.

Check out my guy April 26 and October 8th

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trachyhead(z8b SE England)

Jim, that is simply staggering!! I remember when you first posted a pic of the sawed trunk and thought to myself thats a goner. How wrong was i?!?!?

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Vic....who knew!

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