First blossom pix finally!

labland(Inland Valley CA9)June 27, 2011

Here are photos of my first four blossoming plants. The first one to open was a noid, if anyone thinks they now what it mint be, please let me know.

The second is Bill's cutting of his Psycho White, which I doubt has even produced roots yet, but as you see from the posting below, I have some issues I am concerned with.

The third is the Lemon Yellow I mentioned, and the fourth is Princess Victoria, which is so far opening up slowly, one flower at a time. But I love them all!

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Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing!

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Jennifer, I like the cupped shape of your NOID white! it doesn't remind me of any white plumeria that I know of, but it sure is a pretty flower!
And love the red buds on Psycho white as well!
Hope you can find out what is causing the branches to get damaged. It looked like extremely severe sunburns to me.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Beautiful blooms Jen!!!


They are so rewarding.... I love to come home and smell the blooms...Awwwwwwwwwww...that is the best reward for the day!!!!

Take care..

Lauraa in VB

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Hi Jen,
Those flowers look great! I love the first picture of the noid and especially the Princess Victoria. I remember when Stokes Tropicals was selling it and they wanted a whopping $200 for it!!! That was probobly at least 6 maybe 7 years ago but still.....WAY TOO MUCH MONEY FOR THAT PLUMERIA!!

I always wanted one but I was told that sometimes the variegation in the flowers wont appear. I also read that variegation is from a virus in the plumeria itself. If that's true, I wonder if it could harm other plumeria?


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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


Yesterday I was looking up the Priness Victoria in Jim Little's book. He states it is a "chimera" a mutation, and not a virus. Who knows? So far, the plants I had sitting next to it show nothing abnormal! I bought this plant at Armstrong Nursery labeled as "Lavender Splash". I couldn't find it listed anywhere the web. It was at the Spring Garden Show that a vendor told me it was Prrincess Victoria, and sure enough, it sure looks like it to me! So far it is one if my favorite. It only started to blossom last year.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

It's amazing how some plumerias are priced. $200 for Princess Victoria, that's crazy! Well maybe 6,7 years ago plumerias were still rare and sellers could name their prices?
Here you can get a 1 gallon Lavender Splash at Lowe's or Armstrong for $15-$16.

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Next time I have to go to SoCal I'm bringing an extra suitcase, a bunch of grocery bags to pack them, and hitting the garden stores.

I bet its cheaper to pay the $35 2nd checked bag fee and pack 15-20 gallon rooted cuttings (root balled maybe weighs two lbs max) than buying online and shipping. Maybe more as long as its below 50lbs.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

If you can bring them back yourself, you save a lot on shipping costs.
When I came back from Hawaii, I had my cuttings in a box that was the size of a carry-on luggage (some had to be cut to fit into that box), made a handle on the box with packing tape (so I actually carried it like a suitcase!) and took it on the plane with me!
In Hawaii, to take plants out of the state you have to have the dept of Agr. check the plants/cuttings before sealing the box, but I haven't heard of such requirement when taking plants out of Calif.

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Trust me, I here ya on the shipping costs. I spent $19/each on the 3 that I got from Jungle jacks but I paid to have them sent with there original pots. I had never done that before. I don't know why I chose that option. I have had numerous plumeria shipped from Sonia and they were all semi bare rooted and came in great shape.

Well, I learned my lesson there!

How's that Jack ORange coming along? Any fragrance yet?
I was going to ask Sonia about it and I forgot.


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Andrew, my Jack Orange still does not have much scent, same with Elsie. I have also heard also that they do have scents, so I'm still sniffing them everyday hoping the scents would come finally! Maybe they are just suffering from transplant shock right now?

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