A very good week!

jandey1(TX8)June 16, 2014

Finally, some open blooms to share!

I'm trying not to be pouty about the fact that I have so many trees and so few inflos when I should be grateful that the ones I have are so wonderful. They really are wonderful this year, and most opened up for the first (or second) time this week.

Check out my repeat bloomer, Heirloom:

Such a cool contrast between maroon buds and soft orange blooms!

This was a surprise bloom, from a Kauai souvenir "Red" packaged cutting:

It looks and smells just like Kauka Wilder.

Then here is another first-timer, a gift from printmaster, Aussie Confetti:

The colors are warmer than pictured, really deep yellow with dark pink, and a fabulous scent! Thanks again, Lonnie!

Can anyone guess what this is? It's another repeat bloomer for me:

How about now?

A little more open:

Gladys O'Neal!

Another really nice scent, not as strong as Aussie Confetti, but rich, and a beautiful bloom shape with good size.

Lonnie, here is the first bloom on the same Hoya cutting I gave you:

The flowers look and feel like velveteen.

That's it for now. Leona Hoke, Lemon Drop and maybe Pink Diamond will be open tomorrow. Scent reports to follow!

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SHhhhh(9 Central Florida)

Wow!! Nothing to be pouty about, based on the pics. You have some great flowers, and those blooms look like they are ready to explode over the next few days!!!

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would love to see the scent description... roxanne

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Very beautiful and so glad that you are sharing.

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WOW!!! Those are all GORGEOUS!!! Aussie Confetti - hubba hubba! Love them all and the Hoyas are really cool!

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Pics look great!!
The J105 opened yesterday. I'll take pics tonight with the hopes there are more blooms open.
The Hoya is rooted, but not really growing much yet.
I can't wait to see those blooms!!
The Florida mystery plant stated opening yesterday too!
I'll get pics of it too.


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Very nice Jen!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

great pics Jen. Happy you are getting some flowers!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Love them all especially, Heirloom!! OHHH boy.. Enabler!! ;-)

Seriously, they are beautiful!! Im so excited to see more, Jen !!

Keep them coming... I think my membership in the Makaha Sunn inflo club will be coming to an end.. Bummer. Mine is turning black and I'm just leaving it alone. ;-(

I'll wait to see yoursand the others... Now I will wait another year and pray to the plumeria gods..


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looks great maam!! thanks for sharing!

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Nice work J. Your Gladys and Aussie look great.

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The J105 started opening yesterday!


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They're beautiful, Jen!

My glass is half-empty, too! lol
So many trees and so few blooms. Raspberry Sundae inflo doesn't want to do much. Waaah!! It still has a few up and coming but I want more! lol

My beautiful white marathon bloomer that I love so much is so tall that I will have to get on the roof if I ever want to see the flowers again. Is it flowering? I dunno... I'm only 4'10 3/4!

Surprisingly, Duke, who has been blooming on and off since last October, is coming to an end. He had lots of new buds but they began to turn black and fall off. I see maybe a couple more trying to have a go at it but I'm expecting them to fall off, too.

After being so enthralled with the beginnings of Thumbalina, she has become a disappointment. Just so bland putting out a couple of washed out looking blooms, and is not branching at either inflo. But, still at it.

Kona Candy is still blooming but is also not branching.

Jeannie Moragne has 2 inflos but it is the first year blooming for me. The flowers are small, but beautiful.

Pele's Fury has aborted it's inflo. I was shocked to see that little bare spot. It hurt when my jaw hit the ground. lol

Nebel's Rainbow either has a false inflo or is sealing over. Not sure which yet. Yolanda also has an inflo that is e v e r s o s l o w to do anything and looks like another tip on her is trying to seal over. Am I doing something wrong, I wonder?

Waimea had black tip and I kept meaning to cut the tip off and didn't get around to doing it. So, I finally went out and whacked it off, only THEN to discover it had started to branch in 4's. lol Silly me!

That part of the glass that is half full... well, you can always count on celadine, blooming since March on 2 tips, Aztec Gold always goes strong and Penang Peach seems to love to bloom on all tips. Intense Rainbow is not so intense yet, but it's just getting going. I'm expecting good things from it.

Lonnie - looove J105!

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Thanks everyone! Feeling much better about what I'm seeing when I look out over my tiny plumeria empire!

Mona, I hear you on the ones you pin big hopes on. The flashier they are, the more disappointing they can be.

But look what can happen when you order a bigger plant from Jungle Jack's: Lonnie's J105! She's sooooo beautiful! And J105 has the thickest leaves, really pretty in their own right. Congrats on that beauty, Lonnie!

Rox, the scent on Gladys is light floral while Aussie Confetti had more fruity notes. Both are really sweet.

Heirloom has a light spicy scent and Leona smells like Dr. Pepper or Cherry Coke to me. Lemon Drop has a sharp lemon scent. And as you know, Kauka Wilder smells like coconut :)

Laura, wait till you see the latest shots of Heirloom in full bloom ;) I'm sorry to hear about your Makaha inflo! What a huge disappointment. Mine will probably bloom while I'm out of town. You still have so many other gorgeous ones to look forward to, though, and we'll love those photos when you post them (hint, hint).

I did discover two new inflos on my two tip Mardi Gras seedling--so exciting! Okay, more pictures later!

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