smokemaster_2007May 26, 2012

Might be spelled wrong-Whatever "Mild Spiral" it is in German.

Here is the story I got about them with the seeds:

A semi hot,small pepper with a delicious flavor,

an old time farmer from Knoxville who collects heirloom seeds got these pepper seeds on a backpacking trip across Europe back in the 60's.

He saw these beautiful peppers growing in a field and swiped a handful of them,sneaking them back to the U.S.when he returned.

He's been growing them ever since,and you probably won't find them antwhere else in the U.S.

They get much hotter when cooked.

Photobucket refuses to work for me these days.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miedlerspiral

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reyna1(Zone 8)

Looks a little like the siling haba, but siling haba is a mild pepper.

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It looks alot like rooster spur, aka Yatzy.

here is Smokemasters picture:

Click to enlarge.

I'll show you a picture of my yatzy/rooster spur when its daylight and I can snap a few pictures. (A case of vendor name change methinks)

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They do look similar.
Lots of the Cayenne types look a lot alike.
India has a ton of long skinny peppers with different names.
They all could have started out from the same seed but over years of growing became their own strain or variety for one reason or another.
Who knows where the seeds for the German crop came from originaly.
Either way I think it's a cool pepper.
Ripens to red by the way.

Here is a link that might be useful: Siling Haba

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I'm pleased you grew this one from the seeds I sent you. The name given to me with the seeds was Mieldespiral (but the lady wasn't sure about the spelling). I've got pods about 8 inches long that are turning yellow green. It's one of the earliest varieties to set pods for me. Tom

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It's early pods looked like icicles ,they were very straight and pointed.
As the grow they start to curve.
I think it'll make a good powder.
I isolated it for seeds.Dodn't put it outside until a pod or two were formed.
I think it'll end up in a few rubs this year but I don't know yet.
I saw some mite webs on it after it went outside.

It seems to be a very productive plant.
Peppers stay yellow green then overnight turned a deep red.

Thanks for the seeds.
It's a keeper.

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