Update on St. Augustine Coconut palm... not good

jason_2010October 5, 2010

Me and my wife were in St. Augustine this past weekend and for the ones that do not already know, the coconut palm that was there for at least 3 years, is gone. The owners took it down sometime in the past few months. It had a long life up here in northern Florida....very sad ending. but we all knew this would be the overall outcome

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It had a good run. I would plant another one since it did last for a while. If only it received some protection it might still be there today!
Thanks for the update on it!

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Ironic that we up North struggle to establish a select few hardy palms while those in northern Florida have the same struggle, relatively speaking.

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jacklord were up north do you live??? Here in northern Florida, only certain palms we have problems growing. Coconut, foxtail, and Royals to name a few. This past winter, even in south florida, these palms died. No one was really safe in the U.S. this past winter. Only in Hawaii are all palms safe

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People in northern florida do have palms that are marginally hardy also just like up here, but those are more tropical! It is ironic that we are doing the same type of thing though with palms, only difference is the palms we are trying to grow, grow like weeds in most of Northern Florida! A lot of the coconut palms were killed in Florida this past winter, but fortunately all the ones along the coast and in the cities in southern florida appear to have survived. There were some coconut palms damaged in the outskirts of Miami though which is really unusual!
I think the Florida keys are also pretty safe from the cold and I would be really surprised if a coconut palm was ever lost from the cold there, but palms such as lipstick palmsmight have suffered after last winters cold (they cant tolerate below 50 and Key west received a record low of 42F last winter).
Good luck!

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Hey Jason_2010:

I reside in Maryland just outside of DC in Zone 7A. Yea I know that Florida has many different climate zones and is far from a uniform tropical climate. Indeed I recall my first trip there in the 70s. My grandparents took my cousin and I on the Autotrain.

My grandfather was a plant enthusiast and took time to point out the gradual tropical canopy starting with Sabal Minors in South Carolina up to Coconut Palms in Ft Lauderdale, our ultimate destination. My grandfather, like so many, ended up retired down there and filled his yard with Coconut palms that he grew from sprouts found at the beach.

Its just ironic that most of us up here and beyond envy the climate of northern Florida (let alone South Carolina) and yet you guys have your own limitations relative to southern Florida and beyond.

Of course, in my obsession to be different than the neighbors, I would probably try to grow a northern type garden in Florida. :)

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Jacklord, and me living in northern florida, my frontyard looks like Miami Beach...LOL. I have a Royal, and foxtail i purchased in south Florida this past spring. they are both doing great right now. once the winter comes, i will cover them both up. i think i am the furthest north of having these palms. unless someone else comes forward that is doing what i am doing that lives in Georgia or SC. Go on goolge jacklord and google "My New Royal Palm jacksonville, Fl". That is my thread i started on here with pics of my 16 foot royal i took this past April. i had a coconut palm well at the time if you can beleive that, but my wife didnt like it and i gave it to my neighbor. let me know whay you think

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Nice palm. If I lived in Jacksonville, I would be trying all kinds of things. Good luck with it.

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