Holes in sweet pepper leaves, help

fireman35(7)May 25, 2011

I am a first time vegetable gardener starting with tomatoes and peppers this year. I have a store bought bell pepper plant in the ground around second week of May. I am seeing holes in the leaves which seem to be getting bigger day by day. Sprayed insecticidal soap and neem but no use. I suspect its flea beetles or slugs. Any suggestions to stop and possibly rescue this plant? Please help.I have a tomato plant in the same garden which has no holes till now.



These pictures were taken a week back. Plant is really bad now with almost the whole leaf eaten.

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If organic pesticides don't work try seven . You can get the dust type or they have a clear liquid spray bottle. I prefer the spray bottle. Here in florida my insects eat neem oil for breakfast and want more. If it is slugs you can set up beer traps by filling a bowl(with beer) that is level to the ground and it should attract some slugs.

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Is Sevin safe to use? There are numerous discussions for and against Sevin. I am trying to adopt organic as much as possible. If its Flea beetles, shouldn't it be attacking the tomato plant too?

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My flea beetles make smaller holes. Slugs usually start from the edge. I don't know what it is. You can't spot any creatures? Sevin is poison and about as far from organic as you can get. How about a later picture?

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Maybe caterpillars? Try holding a strong flash light over the plant, and look from under the leaves to see if you can spot the shadow of any of those creepy crawlers, or any small webs. Then pluck the leaves in question. I've tried all kinds of sprays, and a daily inspection has been the best solution for me

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brien_nz(New Zealand)

Could be slugs or a small snail. Try encircling the plant with used coffee grounds, this will stop them dead in their tracks!

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