chocolate peppers

chile_freakJune 21, 2011

just wondering, I have never tasted any of the chocolate peppers, wondering how their flavor compares to originals, I am growing a chocolate hab but it will be sometime before it will flower and even longer b4 I have one to taste. I was thinking of trying the chocolate bhut next year, just wondering if anyone can help me w/ an idea of flavor comparison thanx in advance


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I think the Chocolates are more earthy, less fruity but way hotter than their red brothers!


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i am growing a chocolate Bhut and a chocolate bell, the bhut is TINY! so going to be awhile before i get them! but i am definatly curious as to the taste of them

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Well, I've only grown the Chocolate my experience is limited.
However, let me tell you that the aroma of the Chocolate Hab is absolutely overwhelming.
If you mix a Choc Hab in with your salsa, the dominant flavor/aroma will be the Choc Hab.

I'm probably not remembering this correctly, but I seem to have read something about aromatic
oils or terpenes being concentrated or different in the Chocolate Hab.

Like Kevin says, the flavor is more earthy and smokey (sort of)....and hot.
My Chocolates last year were hotter than orange or red habaneros.


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thanks josh, I cant wait to taste them!

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Interesting! I'm growing chocolate habs for the first time this year. Always fun growing something new!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I will be waiting for a review.... ;-)

Those Chocolates will burn the hell out of you. They'll have your friends weeping.....
and praising the flavor at the same time. As soon as you cut one open, you'll see what I mean.
The aroma immediately escapes from the pod and fills the room. If you chomp down on a fresh pod,
the aroma fills your mouth and sinuses and overwhelms the senses. It's unmistakable.

Because the Chocolate Hab flavor/aroma is so overwhelming, I prefer to use them by themselves.
My favorite use is to slice the Hab into strips, and then lay the strips over a nice tri-tip.
Grilling the tri-tip will reduce most of the heat from the Hab and will leave a good flavor.
You can also marinate the meat with the Choc Hab, but this will make for a much hotter meal.


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thanks again josh, I am one of those rare individuals who really likes super hot food, but mostly I really love the different nuances of flavor that various, especially ripe chiles posess, I am fortunate enough, to be able to taste many different flavors even through the heat, and being a chef, I use them in a multitude of different ways, including, desserts, beverages, and of course good old fashion plain, anyway, the point is your post is now making my mouth water for super hot grilled chiles, if only the super hots didnt take the longest to mature! Curses!
ps. thanx for taking the time to respond

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