Orlando Coconut Palm: 30 months of growth

royalpaulm(Cen Fla 10a)October 10, 2010

Here is my green Malayan dwarf coconut palm. It was planted March 2008 in my yard in Windermere,, Fla (near Orlando).

When planted:

Summer 2009 - even fruited!

Here it is today. The past winter was a bad one, so not much fruit this year. Also grew considerably slower than the prior summer.

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Very nice! I've been having some trouble getting mine to grow. They haven't moved over the last two months. Will probably have to replace them.

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Beautiful! Im glad that it survived the winter. That was a pretty historic winter for Florida and you wont have to worry about another winter like that for 20 years or more hopefully! I remember seeing what I think was coconut palm by a resort in Orlando a few years ago. I wonder if its still alive after last winter? Anyways, I think Orlando is a great place to be trying coconut palms and it will be really happy there most winters! I think you will get a good amount of coconuts from it really soon!
Thanks for sharing!

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royalpaulm(Cen Fla 10a)

Thanks guys. Last summer I had planned on adding a couple more to my yard but last years freak winter scrubbed those plans. I only have the time to protect 1 cold sensitive palm during a deep cold blast - so this will
be my 1 palm to baby. The rest of the yard is filled with palms that can easily weather the worst winter central Florida has to offer

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You're welcome! What all did you do to protect the tree last year? I'm curious because my highs and lows were within 1 degree of your location last year.

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royalpaulm(Cen Fla 10a)

Last year I used Xmas lights and them wrapped with blankets and cloth covers - a pic is below. This year I'm planning on building a cheap PVC pipe cover to slip on it if temps fall below 30. I would then cover with plastic and heat with a small Space heater.

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