Pepper identification

peppermoJune 29, 2008

Can anybody tell what kind of pepper this is?

The pepper is very hot, Habanero hot it has a great taste. This pepper is much much hotter than serrano's or Jalapenos. This plant was planted late last year it produced about 15 to 20 peppers they start out green with black on them when fully ripe they turn red. The peppers this year are true to form.The plant is loaded with peppers and will probalby produce about 100 peppers. The person that gave me the plant said that they are called Habaneros where there grown in Mexico.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics

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Looks a lot like my Habanero Arbol except mine has green pods that turn yellow and purple then orange.My pods are a little different shape and no where near as hot as most habaneros.
Your pods look bigger than mine in length but mine get fatter and triangle shaped at the pointed end.
Do your pods allways look the same?Mine have a couple different shapes.
Mine fruits year round.Was 9ft. tall by 10 ft.wide.
Yours even has the trait like mine of the split green whatever ya call it(where the stem crowns the pepper).
I heard there is a red variety but don't really know.
Looks like yours And mine both have only 1 pod per node-unlike C.Chinense.
Do the flowers have any spots?
Do the pods start out pointing up?mine do.

I could E-Mail you some pics of mine if you want to see my plant and pods to compare them.

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Please email the pics I would like to see your plant.
Yes on the pods looking the same that thing that splits is even more so this year the pods are always hanging down with long stems. I check the plant tommorow for spots on spots. The plant is now over 6 feet tall and about 3 1/2 wide. I got to see 9ft by 10ft. The closest plant I have found is one called tiger teeth but it turns orange mine goes to red.They do get kind of fat some will have a curb point.

Here is a link that might be useful: Same plant last year.

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Need an E-Mail address.Your page doesn't show one.
Mine is on my page,you can send me yours that way you aren't putting it where everyone can get it.

Interested in trading seeds?

If your buds have spots on them the plant may be a C.Baccatum.
The hab tree I have was trimmed last sept.It's still pretty tal and I think it will grow back.I have pics of it's second generation plants from it;s seed too.They are 3-4 ft. high now and growing.It was getting too big last year and when it was full of pods and the wind blew it was knocking my other plants around too much.
It already put out over 100 pods and has a lot more on it now.It doesn't mind cold and can tolorate heat-100 degree days.
My original plant is about 5 yrs. old.

Here is a flower from a C.Baccatum-see gold on bud petals.

You can go through the pics and see if something looks good.

I have a feeling that like Aji is used in Peru that a lot of the hotter peppers might be called Habaneros in Mexico for lack of another name to call them.
I once found info on Habanero Arbol but that hard drive bit the dust and I never was able to find any info since.
I know the plant is supposed to be able to reach up to 15 ft. high.I saw a picture of one that high when I was researching the plant 5 yrs. ago.
I'm sure mine would have gotten that tall if I had let it.
Mine is in a 20 gal. pot.It gets as wide as it gets tall.
I've got pics of pods(in all stages of growth),buds and the plant.

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A picture of a flower would help.

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Another database

Here is a link that might be useful: chile database

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I have sent you and email I have checked out the links you provided thank you.

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chillilover(Zone 6b)

Definetly not a chinense plant. Too small of leaves and only one pepper per node. Thats a tough one.

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I just sent some pics.
I work graveyard shift so I just started work.
I was checking my eyelids for pinholes until about 4 pm or so. :)
I'm interested in trading seeds if you want some of my Hab. Tree seeds(or others-I've got 300-400 varieties in various amounts).

I think that my tree might be a Baccatum and Annunm cross of some kind.It fruits all year,even when it's cold.Cold tolorance is a Baccatum trait.
The crown thing where the stem meets the pod looks a lot like an Annuum.
My Jalapinos and banana peppers have the same type thing with the far apart points on the crown and the pod gets partially covered at the top with the crown.
Neither Annuums have the split in the crown though like the tree hab. pods get.
You can see the triangle shape of my pods in some of the picks I sent you.
Feel free to post any of the pics I sent if you want to.
My computers have a mind of their own lately so I'm not going to mess around with trying to post them.
Everything I try and do lately with my computers screws up.Had to send the pics a couple times because the computer decided to mess with me...
I'm not that computer literate anyway.

I also wouldn't use the size of the plants leaves as an indicator of species.There are a lot of C.Chinense that have other than the shape and size leaves that habs have.

I found some plants marked Chocolate habanero at the nursery a month or so ago.
The leaves look just like my Caribbean red but now it's putting out pods that look like a Cayenne,Thai or some other long,curled up pepper.
It looks like the pods are either going to be a dark orange or red/orange color when ripe.
Pods are strange looking.They go straight down for 1/2 - 3/4 inches then corkscrew and are 4-6 inches long by 1/2 inch wide.Very wrinckled pods-more accordian like as they ripen.
Only 1 pod per node but has a lot per plant.

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