Updated Backyard Plumeria Photos

Tropic_7June 2, 2012

Enjoying the this summers blooms!

Here's a Thai variety I bought July of 2006 that was a cutting

If you click on the photo there's more info from the seller from eBay. it's called "Nopakaw" I wish I could say that's a beautiful name but I cant!

Photo of Kimo, now it's been raining here so the colors are not as bright but noteworthy!

This is a beautiful Bright Pink I bought in Key West, not sure of the name but love the color!

Here I'm Placing them in the bed will give partial shade and plenty of heat from the sun to grow the roots!

Hope you all enjoy! Stuart

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Gorgeous blooms on the Nopakaw, very pretty! Kimo has so many changing colors, really it will be great to see the difference on your next inflo. That's a great area to tuck those younger ones in there!

My Kimo cutting is rooting and pushing an inflo - it's not long enought to clip off so if it roots well I may get to keep it!

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Hi elucas101,
If you get some leaves on your cutting that's good evidence your Kimo is rooted, the inflo will be the bonus!
Post a photo when you can.
I've noticed depending on the age of the flower it will change color with the heat of the day here in Florida. I wonder if anyone else agrees?

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Beautiful yard, love your blooms! Thanks for sharing.


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I agree with Greg, It's beautiful. Peg

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Truly gorgeous flowers! Love the photography too.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

Great blooms. Your camera seems to have captured the colors really well.

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Thank you Greg & Peg, plumeriafl, My other passion is photography, Dave it's important to me to capture "true color" I do know that the time of day is very important like mornings and late afternoons are best for me!
Thank you all, Stuart

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Stuart!!

Those are just gorgeous pictures!!

The colors are so vivid... Just beautiful!!!

Thanks for sharing those with us.

I just love your yard and of course the palms!! Those are another love of mine...

Everythings looks amazing!!


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