Hydrogen Peroxide.?

scottish_arthurJune 6, 2006

Hi all,

I started giving my plants Hydrogen Peroxide 3 weeks ago and they have come to life and look so VIBRANT compared to what they used to look like.?

Has anyone ever worked with this H2o2.?? and what did you think about the results.???

Were there any bad results long term.?? Here is my chocolate haberno thats came to life literaly as the leaves were not as green and were always drooping, plus the new leaves are growing faster.


Just want to know what the pro's and con's are.???


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cmpman1974(Zone 6 MI)

No experience with it Arthur, but your plant looks great!! Can you tell me how you applied it and in what dilution with water? I've got a few plants I would like to try it on.


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I am immediately wondering if you sprayed it on the leaves or dumped it into the soil.

hydrogen peroxide provides oxygen which the roots would like to have.

One possible draw back to HP in soil is that it might kill beneficial micro organisms in the soil. of course it might kill the bad ones also.

interesting idea however.

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Hydrogen peroxide can't be too bad.....I treat all my water in hydro with 500-1000 ppm 3% H2O2 and nothing bad happens from it.

It controls pathogens very well.

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sanj(Rocky Mtn Z5)

Arthur...now tell us the truth; have you been waxing your pepper leaves with turtle wax...lol.
That is the shiniest leaves I have seen.
If you would share your process of H2O2 application, that would be greatly appreciated.
How diluted peroxide did you start with? (in US, h2o2 is sold in the drug stores diluted down to 3%).
Once diluted, did you apply as a foliar spray or, applied to soil/roots?
How often and how much?

I would like to try this out, but I am also apprehensive. If I do not use this properly, it could kill the plant.
I found this in google; sounds pretty technical


Here is a link that might be useful: H2O2 application

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i have used it. 3% solution added 1-2 tbsp into 1 gallon water. plants in soil. dont know if it did anything for them but i say no negitive effects over @6months.

i was buying the 30%. it is cheaper. then i would dilute a some into an old 3% bottle. i would also try to remember to shake befor using.

your plants look very green. did they also get any nutrients? looks like my savina when it got a good does of bat guano.

for me the h2o2 was just a to try. i had read about it and in my opinion i think it can be used maybe for sick plants and in hydro but nothing really special in dirt.

my latest attempt to get more oxygen to the roots is using expanded clay pellets (hydro rocks) in the bottom of the pot. they are light and airy and give great drianage. this way i wont be killing off my benificals off.

your plants seem happy

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Hi all,

All i have been doing is applying it to the soil every 2nd day by just pouring it into the soil and a foliar spray every day. I give the plant about a cupfull of 3% solution as the soil dries out very fast when i have it outside in the heat about 70 farenheit. I have allot of perlite in the soil so its getting some air in there anyway, but the hydrogen peroxide seems to give it allot more and its agreeing with my plant.!
I have a 35% food grade as it purer than the 3% stuff you can by and dilute it down to 3%.


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where do people purchase the 35% HP. I have looked for it but never can find it. who sells it.

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you can find it in the cosmetics isle. that is where i found the 30%.

wow 1 cup or h202. that seems like alot but your plants look very happy. please keep us informed so to how it goes. i am starting to think if it is working for you maybe i just wasnt using enough.


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I am going to look in the cosmetics isle. I have looked in the general pharmacy and they always have only the 3%. but I am going to ask in the stores.

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it is funny. the store i got it in was a large pharmacy drugstore type. in the first aid/pharmacy area they only had the 3% but over in the same stores cosmetics area... bingo. good luck

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This is where i get mine but im in the UK. Im going to start applying it different by giving certain plants different amounts to see whats the best results for next years growing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydrogen Peroxide food grade 35%

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djfp(Z7 WA)

Has anyone ever used H202 as an agent to combat leaf spotting or various other pathogens? How much 3% is too much? I sprayed down my affected plants with nearly an entire bottle a few days ago, and am wondering when I can give them another dose.

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dilbert(z5 IL)

"I started giving my plants Hydrogen Peroxide 3 weeks ago and they have come to life and look so VIBRANT compared to what they used to look like.?"

Shame on you for not making this a controlled experiment! Instead of using it on all your peppers, you should have used it on maybe half and then compared those with application to those those without.

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

just remember that like an antibiotic, h2o2 kills the good stuff as well as the bad stuff.

As a hydroponic grower, I only use it when i have a real problem.

but you are on the right track. leaves want co2, roots want oxygen. h2o2 is just such a powerful oxidizer that if you're trying to be an organic grower it will wipe your soil out.

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Just a bit of info on H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide). It is a very common substance in nature. When plants become stressed the plant itself begins to generate H2O2 in small quantities to build its immune systen and strengthen itself.
When rain falls (particularly in thunderstorms) it produces a huge jump in growth of plants receiving its falling water. Why? Not because of the paltry anount of nitrogen it receives because we usually are using high nitrogen fertilizers anyway.
It is because the falling water vapor that contacts ozone absorbs the free oxygen molecule dropping the O3 (ozone) molecule to O2 and the water vapor then becomes H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) instead of H2O (water). We've all seen this example of natural plant growth and revitalization.
I use low percent H2O2 (.025 - .05%) in watering on a regular basis. The percentage is so low that it does not kill bacterias but strengthens the plant and its immune system so it can dedicate all its effort to growth and fruit.
The cautions from the hydroponics gardener earlier are right on target. As low as 1.5% can kill positive bacterias along with the bad. I do use H2O2 as a foliar spray for specific problems only. Leaves like to take in CO2 and expirate O2. Just like our sweat and waste byproducts, we want it off of us. Plants being living organisms like we are, need to get rid of their waste. If H2O2 is used on the leaves it will evaporate and be gone just like the rainwater does.
KEEP IN MIND though; 3% is a large dose of a VERY POWERFUL substance. While it helps the roots to be given a larger dose of O2 (3% is safe for root rot), the above ground part can be stunted if used too much. Use only to treat fungus' or pests for above ground uses. You may find that much less pesticide is necessary to treat a problem if one crops up.
A three percent solution is great for pre-treating soil before planting but if organic soils are being used you must wait to fertilize the soil until the soil dries out once or at least 72 hours. All bacteria will likely be destroyed, leaving an empty plate to start with. Nutrients and minerals are only minimally affected. Compost teas etc. can then be applied without being affected by the sterilizing treatment.
Getting H2O2 to the roots in low percentage quantities (one quarter to one half of one percent) is like having a regular thunderstorm watering system on your payroll. Undeniable proof of the value of high O2 presence at the roots is Aeroponics. The roots are intermittently sprayed with water and nutrients, but the roots are in air more than water. An approximate comparison of ambient partial pressure of oxygen (20% O2/80% nitrogen in our breathing air) at the roots is near 99% with Aeroponics, 50% with hydroponics (because of the large granular materials providing air spaces that are exposed to the roots) and only an approximate 20% O2 ambient partial pressure in soil reaching the roots.
Cloning is accelerated radically, growth is amazing in its early stages and in the flowering process because of the increased O2 level @ the roots (approx 5 times more O2 than with soil).
In short, H2O2 is a powerful tool if used properly; if overused or misused, it can be a negative.
Incidentally, just type in "Hydrogen peroxide 35" on google and you'll have numerous sources of FOOD GRADE H2O2 to choose from. If you want to remain organic with your use of H2O2 use only food grade certified liquid. I has no preservatives. The cost varies greatly so look around. Also Keep in mind that 35% hydrogen peroxide WILL easily and quickly kill a child or even an adult if ingested in a very painful manner I won't describe here. Skin contact can seriously burn and with high percentage levels spills on clothing can spontaneously combust into flames. Remember it is also used as rocket fuel in the space program and we all know what happened to the challenger.
In lowpercentage amounts it is very safe. It is often used as a toothpaste, wound cleaner, and has been reported to have cancer fighting uses. It is also regularly used as a spa or hot tub sanitizer in place of bromides or chlorine that have serious potential long term implications. A 3% solution if spilled on your clothes will likely turn them pink. So PLEASE keep your supply out of childrens reach and be very careful with it. Store it in an opaque container or in a dark upper cabinet since light will degrade it over time. Even a pint of 35% will last a lifetime for the average user unless you're commercial. One quarter of a teaspoon in one gallon of water gives a good regular watering dosage. Mix what you need fresh each use or at least cap the mixed water tightly to prevent degradation or evaporation.
Just be cautious and use it in small amounts, scrupulously recording your data and you'll find a wonderful organic safe pesticide and anti-fungal tool.

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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Wow I had to bump this as this sounds like something to try. Now to see if CVS or Walgreens carries the 35% variet of Hydrogen Peroxide.

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Now that I think about it...I had been using Hydrogen Peroxide in my peppers to combat a soil mould and the plants were VERY rich dark green and leafy just like those pictured.

Hmmm, time for some more.


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Epson salt can do the same trick as Hydrogen Peroxide, the same way two table spoon desolve per gallon of water ,saturate by roots it will make plant come alive make plant bushier & also leafs will be dark green very healthy,also deluted Epson salt is good to soak on seedling speed up germination rate too.

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ywilliam(z2/3 AK)

Hey! You might want to check your local hydroponics supply store. I found mines there. It is manufactured by "grotek" and called "Super Oxy H2O2" Its the 35% costing about $46 for a gallon. A little pricey but this is Alaska. Looks like its worth it judging from your pictures! The bottle says that peroxide not only increases the plant's oxygen but it also creates larger roots for more nutrient consumption. For house plants it suggests that you use the 3%. Or dilute the 35% eleven times part water to 25-31 drops of Peroxide. Something like that....We'll see!

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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Until I find the 35% stuff locally I want to use the 3% that I have now. I'm afraid over applying it too strongly though. How much per gallon of water would be safe for the 3% grade of Hydrogen Peroxide? Thanks.

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jimster(z7a MA)

Those plants look fabulous.

At what stage of growth should the H2O2 treatment be started? My seedlings are only about a week old and have not developed true leaves yet.


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"Look out, the sky is falling!" "Be VERY careful, this is used in rocket fuel!" "One drop of this can KILL you!"

Sorry, I used to hear these warnings from the beginning fireworks makers, and then once they got experienced, they realized that yes, some of the stuff WAS dangerous but if you used the appropriate amount of caution, it was no more dangerous than a glass of water.

I have been doing peppers in hydro for about 6 years now, and have seen H2O2 in action. When I didn't have any 35%, I used 3%. I ran to the grocery store, bought a half dozen pints (for 35 cents each), and tossed them into my 17 gallon nutrient tank. Within a couple of days, you couldn't tell there had been anything wrong with those peppers. The roots looked awesome, the leaves were nice and green, extra vigor, etc.

When i use the 35%, I use about 20ml's for the tank, each day, and might treat for a couple of days, if I have to.

As with anything else, just remember one word "moderation". Try a little, if it doesn't work, try a little more. If you think you are using too much, you probably are.

And all, I don't mean to make fun of liquidsands, I just think he got a bit over cautious in some of what he said. For the most part, he IS correct. Yes, be careful of the 35%, you can burn yourself if you slop in on yourself, but that can happen with a lot of other things around the house too. 35% H2O2 is commonly used for the 'bottle blondes', and with as many fake blondes as there are, it can't be too bad :)


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daylilydude(7 Tishomingo Ms.)

Hope this helps with the measuring part?

Here is a link that might be useful: >>How much

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jimster(z7a MA)

The charts are very helpful. If I worked out the quantities myself, I would be double checking and triple checking my calculations and still be worried about a mistake.



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fishymamas(z9, So. CA)

You can find the 30% at beauty suppily stores, it's used in hair coloring.

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This is very interesting stuff, my plants are having a rough time right now. Some of them are actually showing what seems to be the signs of Nitrogen deficiency yellowing older leaves and eventual loss of the leaf and the plants themselves are lighter green than I like. I will try this on some of the worst ones and see what happens. I bottom water my plants so how often should I treat with this? and can I spray the leaves at the same time I water or would that be to much of it.


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pkapeckopickldpepprz(z9 a/b FL)

Fishymamas, the beauty store peroxide is more than likely "Volume 30" and not 35%. Volume 30 is actually closer to 12% and the mixing ratios would be different. Even still from looking online most of the beauty store stuff isn't food grade or it still has stabilizers included.

I noticed the 3% bottles I bought at Publix and Sam's Club said active ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide, and inactive ingredient was purified water. Does this mean they do NOT have stabilizers included in them? Legally wouldn't they have to include stabilizers on the ingredient's list to cover their butts in case there was a lawsuit if someone took this stuff internally?

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How often can I spray the leaves?


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I was looking for a couple days into this, now I got
50% hydrogen peroxide, and I was calculating that 20ml
on a 20l tank should give 0.05% solution, is that correct ?
Sorry I am not a real chemics genius


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jimster(z7a MA)

I also get 0.05%. After a couple of attempts. :-)


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I just sprayed/watered one of my babies(bhut jolokia) with a mixture of 3% diluted. I am experimenting with the littler one, because I figure if it works, the lil' guy should slowly catch up to my bigger one. I'll keep you updated! Thanks for the great idea! :-)

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I used to purchase 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide from health food stores in L.A. in quart or pint sizes, but it had to be special ordered (it has a limited shelf life). With increasing restrictions on anything remotely chemical, it may be harder to find concentrated hydrogen peroxide in stores these days. You can buy it in larger quantities from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply, http://groworganic.com/, but it's $99.99 for 5 gallons, the smallest quantity they sell.

Here is a link that might be useful: Peaceful Valley Farm Supply_Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide 35%

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Could you use the H2O2 mixture on the roots of Vanda orchids? Or other orchids?

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The only advisory I would suggest is how you are feeding the plant - if you're using organics..forget about h2o2. If not, oxidize away. It is great to kill anything bad (but as others have said good too). As long as you keep a steady treatment, maybe once a week (to let some fungi and stuff grow for more oxygen!), I think would be good, or beneficial at least. I am not sure of any long term effects though.

I only use h2o2 with my aeroponic setup, to neutralize the bacteria in the reservoir tank. I think I may try it on a potted plant I have and see how it reacts over a 2 week span or something

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Innovative. Thanks for sharing folks.
I have been using epson salt and will try H2O2 for sure.
I prefer diluted foliar feeding. It works faster I think.

About diluting.
1- to dilute a 30% to 3% simply use one part H2O2 and 9 parts water.
Say you want to make a gallon. A gallon consists of 96floz.
Add 10.5 oz of H2O2 first,
then add enough enough water (85-oz) to make it a gallon.
OR, say you have a gallon of water, just add 12 floz of H2O2 to it to make a 3%.

2 - to diute a 50% to 3% , add 7 floz of H2O2, to a gallon of water.

Note: 2 Table spoon = 1 Floz.

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ER...a gallon is 128 oz.

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Very interesting! I have never heard of this. This is my first year at growing peppers and I only had room for one plant. It does not seem to have grown since I transplanted it a month ago. I think I will try this and take before and after photos...Thanks for the ideas.

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Ive tried this before with 3% and had similar results to arthur.

The 35% that is 32oz is like $60 in the US though and the company wanted another $35 for hazmat fees and $15 for safe shipping!

I know the 3% h2o2 in pharmacies has other chemicals in them that arent listed on the bottle but does anyone know what they are and if they can be transferred to humans through the peppers?

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Chances are, the chemicals would be bound up in the plant and not transferred. Typically, any other organic chemical will be absorbed by the plant tissues (as will heavy metals).

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great post and worthy of a bump.

I wonder has anyone tried watering with both Epsom salts AND h2o2? Would they be absurd or dangerous in unison?

just curious. maybe one of my "experiments" this summer or next winter

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esox07 (4b)

Interesting. I have several plants that seem to be growing OK except that they seem to be experiencing Damping Off Fungus as I have to prop them up. They also seem almost wilted looking and some are a little yellowish looking but otherwise they seem to be growing well. I hope watering with a peroxide solution will help out...it seems to address the problems I am experiencing any way. I am not worried about getting the 30% stuff since I a gallon of solution will go a long way for me and one pint bottle of the 3% solution should make a couple gallons of the mixture for sick/fungusy plants according to the mixing directions link posted earlier. I wonder if maybe I shouldn't do what was suggested earlier and treat some of the plants and not the others to see what difference it makes.

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