Sabal comparison

islandbreezeOctober 24, 2012

Just felt like posting pics of my Sabals as side by side comparison. Enjoy.

By order of pictures:

Sabal minor from local nursery

Sabal Minor Warren, Arkansas

Sabal Minor Cape Hatteras

Sabal Birmingham recovering from dessication last winter in pot

Sabal Louisiana

Different Sabal Louisiana

Sabal Brazoria

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Those look really nice-thought I saw a brick wall there....
I bet they would love it right up next to it.

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Thanks Jim, I might be moving in the spring, so that's why I'm reluctant to plant much in the ground, especially something like Sabals that don't like being moved.

Your Louisianas look healthier in ground though, no burnt tips. It will be nice if I do decide to move to finally put all of this stuff in the ground and not have to worry about a million pots of cold hardy palms.

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