Green Queen Palm Seeds?

ezequiel_2008October 13, 2008

There's a beautiful queen palm tree at work with an unusually thick pale trunck and it is giving some green fruits (seeds?).I don't know if these are the seeds, but I opened one and it has some liquid inside. I would love to be able to germinate these seeds and hopefully be able to grow a similar palm. Any advice? Are these really seeds? Should I dry these fruits (seeds) or should I plant them right away. I would appreciate any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!

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Let them ripen on the tree. They'll be ripe when they turn orange. Then cut them down and let them dry before planting.

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They look a bit like acorns when immature

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

I had the best luck with those that had fallen from the stalk. I just planted in a pot directly with no cleaning.
Got 47 plants from 50 seeds . Now what do you do with
47 queen palms ?? lol The seeds originate from a separate stalk no mistaking them for anything else.
Good luck gary

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toni93230(Z9 Central CA)

Our tree is dropping the seeds while they're green. Will they sprout?

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