Last(last)day of summer

jimhardyOctober 24, 2012

66F/86F today-just a guess it will be May before those numbers are back...a few pics...

Very,slowly(thankfully)the process of covering begins.

Still some nice color in the yard.


A.Nigra trying for one more leaf.

Thai giant did it.

Days of the Castor bean jungle just hanging on.

D.Antarctica survived 18-22F(barely)trying to fight back-

New Cooperi still going

I always preferred Mary Anne but heres Ginger.

Really falling for this palm!

B.Eriospatha-everything above the cut petiole in front is new-nice regrowth from fall s-pull

Interesting Lisa like leaf on S/Louisiana

One of 2 planted Takil-this one recovered from spear-pull last November-not bad for a youngster.

Lastly-Castor beans on this east side and the little Basjoo are still perfect/no cold damage

Discovered a new arm on P.Geayi (grin)

They are on the far end-

Almost forgot-check out this Cereus Peruvianus-

they are seriously fast growers!

The whole arm on the left is new this year,all the center one and the blue part of the one on the right.

We have had almost 6" of rain this month(Oct)more than all summer!-So much so the trunk cracked!

Still summer here for one more day-(happy)almost 80F at 7:30pm-after Thurs-mid November temps take over but dry,30/35-40 at night,highs in the low 50s/60s(F)

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

30 degrees celcius on October 24th is fantastic! Did you run out for ice cream? I love those summer "bonus days". We had 83F yesterday. I'd love to get another summer day in before the end of the year. I consider 86+ (30 C) to be a summer day. That is the temperature at which plants begin to feel stress (according to American Horticultural Society). BTW your ice plants still look fantastic! Better than mine right now. They love a lot of sun.

Bonus Question: How do you put your weather sticker on your posts?

Here is a link that might be useful: Virginia Beach Weather

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Very briefly did it tickle 86F so,my plants were o.k.(-;

I know what you mean can really see
the Trachys are very happy in these temps after it being
to warm and dry all summer...

Looking at the 25 day which is accurate for a few days out(-;
there are no temps that I will need to cover the palms or cactus for-
last year I didn't cover the Washy until Dec 1-it did defoliate(some)but I think it is o.k. now(-;

If you look at the top line(or so)of your weatherunderground
page you will see(to the right of were it says)rapid
fire updates and on the same line it says free weather stickers...
just copy and paste....I wish everyone posted theirs-
we would have an instant weather network among posters-
not to mention that its a quick easy way to see what the weathers doing across poster land!

Still 73F at 9am (-: the cold front approaches,bringing a November end to our June temps.

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LagoMar(USDA 8/AHS 7)

Let me give it a whirl:

Click for weather forecast

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