Trachycarpus Fortunei - JimHardy?

tropicpalmsOctober 9, 2010

i have a question for mr jimhardy! i was trying to remember if you had a few windmills that got cold burn spear pull and u treated by cutting the tops off and copper fungicide? please let me know if that was correct im sure im not totally remembering it right but i just had a huge trachy have a spear pull and im guessing for that weeks of heavy rain and it wasnt doing good to start with but i just would like to try to save it if not too late thanks for the help in advance! --Justin in VB

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Yea,I had the trunk cut Trachys.

Is this planted?

It may be a little late to try cutting if it is.

Just guessing that it may not have been the rain in the crown that caused the spear to pull but possible root damage.

You may want to dig it up,rinse the soil off and inspect the roots,then-remove and dead roots and apply root hormone and repot.

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I think something more may be going on here than the rain. A healthy Trachy should not have spear pull in VB at this time of year despite recent heavy rains--especially after months and months of severe drought. Is there a soil drainage problem? Excessive moisture during warm weather can lead to spear rot but it is usually associated with soil that is not draining properly.

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Could be sitting in water on top of clay.

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