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kinzyjrOctober 7, 2013

Front yard when I first got the house:

Front yard now:

Close up of the garden in the front before:

Close up of right side of the garden now:

Close up of left side of garden now:

Close up of Medjool Date palm grown from seed:

Sea grapes in the back (planted this March):

Green Malay Dwarf coconut palm:

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the_virginian(Zone 7 NoVA)


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Nice looking sago. The cacti really grew like crazy. Nice job with the new landscaping.

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Thank you both.

That cactus seems like it grows a foot every time I look at it. It has a tendency to grow back toward the walkway, so I have to trim it up quite a bit.

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Nice looking yard! I really like the cacti and pygmy palm a lot. The Sea Grape looks really cool too.
Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Alex!

I get to see a lot of pictures from all of you in less than ideal climates, and I'm always impressed with the things that all of you grow.

The pygmies were the $5 almost dead specials at Lowe's. They've impressed me with their growth rate. In April 2010, they had less than a foot of trunk.

The cactus was only about 4 feet tall at the tip of the tallest section when I got the house, but now it's a little over 8 feet.

The date palms lining the driveway were all store bought medjool date pits. The sea grapes were just planted in March of this year, and stood only 2 feet high. The one in the picture is now 10 feet.

Here are a few more of the plants in my collection:
Avocado Tree:

Lady Palm:

Needle Palm:


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When I went to clear water I was just in love with the sea grapes hedges...if someone could make a dwarf type I could bring in our a huge hardy type I could leave out Id fence the whole yard off with them..very nice pants..I envy the climate

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My first experience with sea grapes was at Vero Beach, FL. They also have the distinction of being a native plant to our eastern coast.

The central Florida climate is a nice one if you don't mind intervening once in a while. We're at roughly the same latitude as Clearwater (28 degrees N).

Probably the best climate in central Florida is St. Petersburg Beach. Their lows are typically 5 degrees higher, and their highs are typically 5 degrees lower. A lot more comfortable for people and plants alike.

Speaking of using sea grapes as hedges, I think my neighbor on one side will be getting exactly that! :)

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Just a quick update: This is what the area near the AC Unit with the Lady Palms and Needle Palms looks like now. Thoughts?

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They look really happy to me! Glad to see them doing well.
Thanks for sharing!

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

hate to be a downer but you planted everything WAY to close to structures Come back in a couple of years
If you think they're growing fast now wait until they're established lol I've made the same mistakes many time .
Sharpen up those pruning shears you're going to need them lol good luck gary

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You're welcome! Thank You!

The ones next to the AC unit were already there, and have been there for at least 5 years. I can't claim credit/blame for where they are, other than I chose not to move them. The guys who installed it had to prune some of the lady palms out to install the unit.

The small clump is just a collection of volunteers that were springing up around the corner from the bed in the picture.

As for the needle palm, I'll probably be in a nursing home by the time it gets big enough to create issues... i think....

Words heeded and shears sharpened ;)

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Hello all,
Just an update after another summer of growth:
Phoenix Theophrasti babies

Coconut Palm

Papaya if you look close you can see blooms

Some Bananas and Sea Grapes

Live Oak had birds nesting in it this year

Landscaping in Front

Tallest Date Palm (~5ft)

Hope everyone is having a lovely fall!

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Walked to the back yard today and found this laying under my tallest avocado tree. Wonder what it will taste like?

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The coconut and dates look awesome! Must be effortless for you to have trees like those succeed for you.

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Thank you! The soil in my particular area is pretty rich considering typical Central Florida soils. The dates are pretty effortless, other than making sure they get supplemental magnesium once a year. The coconut takes a little more care during the winter. I usually have to cover it 6-12 times to protect it from cold.

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Awesome pics! Looks like you are definitely taking advantage of your mild climate. The sea grapes are huge and the coconut palm looks great too. I'm sure it's happy to be near your house on those chillier nights. Congrats on getting an avocado fruit? Did you end up tasting it?
Hopefully your papaya makes some fruit too. I hear that male tress will not fruit unfortunately so hopefully you have a female one or one that has both male and female flowers on it. They are beautiful plants even when they don't fruit though!

Thanks for sharing!

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I certainly try to enjoy the benefits of zone 9a every chance I get; especially after coming from a zone 5a!

The sea grapes have been prolific! I never in my wildest imagination figured they would or could grow that fast!

The coconut looks like a cocooned caterpillar right now, just for safe measure. The low ended up around 40 degrees here at the house last night, and another night in the low 40s expected tonight. As a general rule, if they call for temps below 45 for any length of time, it gets wrapped.

Regarding the papayas, there are tons of them in neighbors' yards. Most of them are fruiting, so I know that we can get fruit in the area.

The avocado wasn't too bad with a turkey burger ;).

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