Roots snapped off while transplanting...

MrFrangiJune 17, 2012

What should I do?

Bought a 2.5mx3.5m frangipani.

Roots got snapped and squashed while moving it.

Unfortunately I have not been able to plant it in the ground yet due to fence not being in place.

Currently it sits on the lawn with some moist compost around it, hopefully only for another 3 days.

We are in winter here witch means rain. Should I protect the ground around it with a plastic sheet to keep the rain off it once the tree is planted? Do I need to treat the area where the roots snapped off with anything? We have very sandy soil here. Would it be worth to add perlite? What would you suggest?

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Excuse my poor metric calculation skills, but that sounds like a good-size tree, right?

The wonderful thing about plumies is once they've struck, or rooted, they'll quickly put more roots out. However, you do have to be concerned with rot now that your weather is cool and rain's on its way. That's why I asked about indoor storage for winter.

Even letting it rest bare root inside a cardboard box in a garage may be safer than leaving it outdoors, even in a fast-draining soil. The roots probably won't grow while it's cool, but keeping it safe from rot gives you a good chance of it recovering completely when spring rolls around and the temps go up.

Someone with more experience may have a better opinion. Best of luck to you!

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Its a big tree to be moving around (2.5M x 3.5m is about 8ft x 11ft). How bad is snapped and squashed? I would keep it on the dry side of things too perhaps loosely cover the roots with a tarp to keep rain off but not trap moisture. Or If there is some root ball left pull the mulch away and let it dry out. A tree that big will be resilliant although it may temporarily show some signs of shock. Amending the soil with perlite would not hurt but again a tree that big is going be more forgiving than a smaller plant.

Perth winter temperatures are not too different than our South/Central Texas Winters. Although everything in Australia grows upside down and even the toilets swirl the other way when you flush them. :)

Good Luck and if you can post some pictures.

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Thank you both for your help.
The fence has finally been moved so I was able to plant the Frangipani in the proper spot. As you may be able to see from the picture I now a box full of cuttings!
Here is what I did; I added perlite, did not add mulch on top of sand and won't bother with a sheet to keep the ground dry also I didn't water it in at all. It's now up to lady luck.

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Forgot to add the picture!

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That is really a great sized and very well branched plumie! WOW!

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Gorgeous tree! That will be spectacular when it leafs out! Please promise to come back and give us an update in your summer, when all of us addicts here will be in the middle of the winter blahs, starved for some happy plumeria photos.

You did a terrific job bracing it up, too. Best of luck getting through winter!


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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)

Oh what a great job you did! Your plant is very well branched out indeed!

I like how your yard looks. Definitely a consideration when I do mine. Thank you for sharing.

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Good news, the tree is doing really well.
Every other tip seems to have an inflo.

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Wow! Very nice. Shows how resilient plumies(frangipanis) are. Nice inflos. Congratulations!

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Thanks for the update! The tree looks fantastic, as does the rest of your garden bed. It has a great growth habit, very compact.

You'd think from the red new leaves the flowers would be pink or red but it looks like they'll be white or yellow. Do you remember what the variety is?

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great to see that it survived the transplant. Please post when its in full bloom.

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MrFrangi - What a beautifully shaped tree. It must be a sight to see when it's in bloom. It's always nice to have a happy ending. "Congrats" on saving it. Peg

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Everyone!!

MrFrangi.. I agree!

You have done a great job with this lovely shaped tree.

We only dream about having a beauty like that in our yards!! Those that are fortunate to plant in the ground are so lucky. We that have to only plant in containers and work for years to have blooms are constantly striving to have trees like you!!



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