Silver Saw Palmetto

slice4444October 26, 2012

I bought what I think is a small silver saw palmetto plant in South Carolina this year, and brought it up to NYS. I had it outside during the summer up here and now it's indoors. It seems to be growing a lot of grass-like material. Is this normal? Or is this some other invasive thing that is growing? The grassy stuff is growing so bushy I'm afraid it's strangling the plant. The grass-like sprouts are single strands that split into 3 at the top with a fuzzy thing in the middle. I'm just not sure if this is part of the plant or an invader. If it's not part of the plant, I've never seen anything like it up here in NY but it may have been imported with the plant from SC. Thanks!

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Looks like a Cyperus or closely related species of plant, commonly called sedges. So basically a weed in the pot. Definitely not part of the palm.

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Thanks! I took it out back and pulled it all out before Hurricane Sandy comes. The Cyperus may grow back - heard those sedges are pretty resilient but the plant looks way happier...

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Geeze. I couldn't even tell it was in a pot from the first pic.

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I agree, certainly made a difference. If you keep picking at the Cyperus it'll eventually give up.

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