Got my Inca Gold from Jungle Jacks

citrusnutJune 29, 2011

Yay, Inca Gold finally arrived and I'm glad the waiting is over.

The plant is nice and has flowers so I don't have to wait to see them, which is a big plus.

It looks just like the one irun5k found in FL Lowes.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Congratulations! Glad you finally received it!
Looking forward to some pictures :-)

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Awesome! That is nice that the plant already has blooms. It is sort of like instant gratification :) I am hoping that Inca Gold will be a reliable bloomer & brancher. This seems realistic, based on what I've read and observed.

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Instant gratification is awesome. I'm hoping the same thing - that it will be a reliable bloomer and brancher. I bought it based on Jungle Jacks write up, which sounded promising. We'll just have to wait and see.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Citrusnut,
Glad you got your plumeria. Sounds like it was well worth the wait. That's how I felt about mine too, except I made a HUGE mistake with asking for my Orange Jack to be in bloom.

By the time I got it the flowers were dead and now all the buds that were on it when it arrived have dropped off. The inflo had split into 8 little branches and 2 of those have dropped.

Honestly, it probobly was for the best. This plumeria so far is the most expensive I have ever bought and I would rather have the trees energy going into the roots.

The HUGE mistake was that I could have recieved a tree with more tips but nooooo, I wanted a tree that was going to arrive in bloom! If it had made it here in a few days instead of 8 it would have been fine! What a way to learn a hard LESSON!! NEVER WILL I MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN!!

Keep us all posted on how well it does for you. Bill has raved about this plumeria, and I am tempted to add this to my list for next year.

Good luck with the newest memeber of the family!


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

More of my 2 NOIDs flowers bloomed today, and I am convinced now that they are Inca Gold. Love that deep gold color and the light clean scent.

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Andrew Scott

Hi Sunseeker,
The more I see these pictures, the more I am convinced I WANT one of these! The yellow color is so intense. I am going to have to put this one on my wish list for next year.

Thanks for the great pics!

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Wow, even your NOIDs in California are better! Gorgeous.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

LOL, Andrew, how many have you added to your list for next year already? :-)

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Andrew Scott

Hi Sunseeker,
Actually, not to many believe it or not...LMAO!! Right now I have down Inca Gold, Dessert Sunrise, Bill Moragne and Waimea.

I have only been a memeber of this forum for a short time, maybe a year now.

In that time, I have met some truly awesome, genuine people. Laura Jones and I have become great friends. Bill, Dave Polson, you, James, I could go on and on.

I don't say this because of what they have given me, they have all just been so supportive and helpfull.

I came here knowing some about plumeria. I wouldn't say I was a beginner but I also would NEVER claim I was an expert.
I have been given great advice and tips on how to grow these tropical gems.

I have recieved many MANY cuttings from some generous people like Laura, Dave and another member here.

I would say around February I had about 13 or so plumerias, and then I started buying from Sonia who I met last November. She and I emailed each other off and on thru the winter and by spring, I had bought 10 more from her.

Then I got cuttings from memebers here around April, and that brought me up to 57. That's including the JJ order I just got. That DOESN'T include the 6 or 7 seedlings that I started lasy year.

The GOOD news for me though is that I recieved multiple cuttings of the same variety. Such as Samoan Fluff, Gulliots Sunset, NEbel's Rainbow, Celadine, and 1 or 2 others.

I am hoping that I might be able to trade these for varieties that I want on my list but I know that most of the varieties I have doubles of are not varieties that people would probobly want to trade for what's on my list.

This year I am hoping to get my hands on 1 more....Scentsational.

I did forget to add Thorton's Lemon Drop to my wish list for next year....Ooh Oh! HEre I GO AGAIN!! LMAO!!


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Sunseeker, that's quite a nice picture you sent. I will also post some pix. Soon.

Andrew, sounds like you got a really nice plant just too bad that you didn't get a chance to see any flowers. But either way, it will flower next year and it will be beautiful.

My inca gold lost flowers in transit, too, but did retain 3-4 and a bud or 2, and is managing to hold on to most of them. Of course, it wasn't in the box nearly as long as yours. It has a light pleasant scent, beyond that I don't know how to describe it. I guess it could be described as a clean scent, too. But to me scents are difficult to describe especially since they are so subjective.

Today was in the 90's, which will help it acclimate. So far it is looking happy. Alot of my plants have been enjoying the warm sunshine. This a good time of year to buy tropical plants, so they can ease into their new environments alot better.

I like the fact that Bill likes Inca Gold alot. That makes me feel that it has great potential.

Thornton's Lemon Drop sounds like a great one, too.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Sunseeker- Remember "looks like it could be" is the best you can do since so many seedlings look like something else. Also I have four that can sometimes look like that: inca gold, heidi, university of hawaii gold, and vera cruz luddica. that being said, it could be an inca gold or not. what it is is a very nice yellow.
Citrusnut= The inca gold has a very rich gold-yellow but the Thornton Lemon drop is a flowering machine. Mine has an inflo on almost every branch so soon it will have 500 flowers at a time. A great sight. Bill

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Bill, do you have both? If you have both, which is your must have? And, if I could have just one, which one is better? I'd certainly prefer a flowering machine. Who wouldn't, right. Is it an early bloomer? Compact grower? Yours sounds fabulous. 500 flowers at a time and on most branches; wow, that's what I want, too. How big is it? Any pictures?

Pictures of inca gold will be coming shortly.

Ideally, I'd like to have one good yellow, one pink, one whitish (thinking Mary Helen Eggenberger), and maybe something else. Dave makes Penang Peach sound good, but I'm thinking it'll probably be yellow here most of the time.

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Citrusnut- Unfortunately all of mine are somehow must haves. Sorry, but I have to laugh at your one good this and one good that- obviously you have not hit the plumeriaholic stage yet like the rest of us. To answer your question I think TLD is not as golden as several others, and not as striking as vera cruz rose or Moragne #23, but you get tons of flowers that last. Today I went to breakfast and brought all the women flowers to wear. By the end of breakfast, the beautiful Jeannie Moragnes were drooping but the TLD's looked fresh and perfect. They often look like Celadine but much larger although the scent on Celadine is wonderful. Here is the TLD last year getting going:

I have 16 yellows on a document but I can't copy it to this forum. They are some of my favorite pictures. sorry.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

What an awesome sight Bill! All those inflos covered with blooms!
This morning Plumatherapy and I went plumeria shopping and saw a TLD at the seller's house. I was blown away by the large blooms, they were just gorgeous!

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Holy cow Bill, what a superb yard. your plants and yard are gorgeous. How big are those pots? That pretty blue one looks really heavy. How tall are the plants? How old?

I do want more plumerias, but I do have to be careful because I'm not exactly known for my self control. And I hate buying things that don't work out for me like getting a plant that grows really tall, really fast, or doesn't like to bloom, or has failure to thrive. Sooooo......I'd just like to skip that part and get the perfect one right away. But, isn't that what we all want?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Citrusnut- The pots are about 25 gallon. The plants are about 7-8 years old and the Samoan Fluff and Lemon Drop are just under 6' in the pot. Here is a picture from the other side in early spring so you can judge. Bill

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Andrew Scott

HEy Bill,
Thanks again for awesome pics!! You make me want to move to SoCal!!

Thanks for including the pots. It gives me an idea of what I am going to have in a few years(unless I cut them back like crazy!)

That blue is similiar to the pot I put my JJ Orange in. Thankfully it has a nice BIG draining hole in it. I looked around at the pots for some time before finding the one I got. I thought at first that I would just put the blck plastic pot into the blue decorative terra cotta but I didn't need to worry about it.

TLD I had a cutting of. Laura gave me a smallpiece from hers but it didn't root:( I was REALLY BUMMED about that. I read an old post that said that TLD also has decorative foliage.

I am really getting into the seedlings. I wish I had better acess to seeds. Right now i have two varieties growing from seed. Mardi Gras(thanks to Jandey!)and Kimo.

They may not produce the best flowers but there's always that chance that you can end up with a seedling that is actually better than the parent.

I believe this is how the Jack ORange came to be. Sonia told me she found it mixed in with John's other seedlings years ago. The plumeria was labelled CS2, so I am taking a guess and saying that it must have California Sunset in it's parentage.

I am going to have to look up the yellows you listed. I did get a noid yellow from Mimi. That took over 3 MONTHS TO ROOT FOR ME! I just hope it was well worth the wait.

Enjoy your holiday Bill!


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Bill, you're right when you said ""looks like it could be" is the best I can do on my NOIDs. Now that I got more of their blooms, I noticed that most of their petals have a "hook" at the edge, while Inca Gold petals are rounded at the edge, right? Too bad my real Inca Gold doesn't have blooms right now, so I can't do a side by side comparison. So far I could only compare leaves and trunks, and they do look very similar.

Uploaded with

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plumatherapy(so cal 10a)

That deep rich yellow is spectacular! How large are the blooms? And do tell what followed you home from upland nursery and did you get a chance to meet Molly?

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

The blooms are small, only about 2.5 inches on average, but they make a nice cluster on the inflo.
I didn't buy anything from Upland because the prices were quite high on the ones I was interested in (also because I had just bought 3 from John on saturday, so it was a little easier to have some self-restraint! :-) Molly wasn't there so I didn't have a chance to meet her.

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Bill, thanks for the pix. Your plants just gorgeous.

Sunseeker, that flower has spectacular color.

Here are the pictures I promised:

this is right after it was unpackaged.

in front of my garage

my entire collection of plumerias

this is why I put them in front of my garage

one week after arrival

fresh new bloom

aged bloom.

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Nice, looks like it survived shipping in good shape.

Nice little Singapore Obtusa as well. They have really grown on me over time. They're terrific branchers, have a nice scent, and their foliage is, in my opinion, the best in the plumeria genus.

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Andrew Scott

I agree. I really like the singapore's evergreen foliage myself. MY DSP is flushing growth right now. I haven't seen inflos yet but there are a bunch of tips and I am hoping that they grow inflos this season.

I also love the fragrance. They might not be the showiest of fflowers but they are still nice.


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

It's a nice looking plant! I'm surprised it looks that good after enduring the shipment. How nice that you don't have to wait for flowers!
Your Singapore looks very healthy. I didn't pay much attention to Singapore white before, but after I saw the trees in Oahu loaded with blooming inflos that looked like huge while balls made out of flowers, I was sold!

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The inca gold was packaged very well. The box was just loaded with shipping peanuts. It is wonderful that I got to see the flowers right away without waiting a full year or longer.

That DSP was my bargain purchase. Got it for $6, and the only plumeria I've ever seen locally. It is a cute little plant and looks nice all winter, too. I've gotten to appreciate it alot, too.

The inflo on it is from last year, just flushing new growth so far this year. It's been quite cool here and hardly feels like summer at all.

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