Is this a Coconut?

musaboru(Inland Calif.)October 31, 2010

I was HD today and came across this palm. I'm not sure what it was...from far away I thought it was an Archontophoenix at first but then I saw the webbing up close and thought a coconut. The remnant petioles also remind me of a Majesty palm except it's unusual since it's outrageously priced at $109.

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For a few seconds I was thinking it was a coconut palm. But at that height there is usually some indication of it growing out of (or previously growing out of) a coconut, and the segments on the fronds are a little too narrow and spaced apart. Im actually not sure what palm this is. Kind of looks like a Parajubaea to me which would explain the price. Anyone else have any ideas?
Good luck!

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It looks like a mule palm

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Sure does look like a Mule Palm. At the Home Depot? Weird.

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I also think it looks like a mule palm. Only thing that gives me a little doubt it how thin the trunk is, but its very possible that it has more queen palm characteristics than Butia. If it is a mule palm, 109 dollars actually isnt that bad of a price.

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It also fits the description of a Parajubaea... that would really be a good deal for $110. Get it... .either way, a rare find.

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Mule and Parajubea's are both great for that price. I think it can be either one and only time will tell. When its older it will be a lot more obvious which one it is (not to mention mule palms grow faster! I think its a parajubea but I wouldnt be surprised if it was a Mule palm!
Good luck!

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At first look I would have thought it was a coconut palm :p Any way you look at it, nice find!!

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I would prolly say a mule that has way more queen characteristics. I have seen hundreds of mules and not one looking the exact same... They def. have some with skinny trunks and way more "queen" like anyway nice find

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musaboru(Inland Calif.)

Cool. Thanks for the answers and replies guys. I'm guessing it probably came from one of the nurseries in northern San Diego county... Interesting about the value of mules. There is another palm that is way bigger but in those wood crates that is a little cheaper than this...I think it's a Butia (blue-green foliage).

BTW, there is still a juvenile leaf that is hanging to the right but you can't really see it from the angle.

Unfortunately, I don't really have the space for it.

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That is not a coconut for sure but maybe one of the palms suggested already.

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