After 3 long years...

butterfly4uJune 11, 2013

FInally, I didn't even know what color this plummie was.
I had my first bloom last fall on my second plant, but this one didn't bloom, so I had to wait. It smells like lemons and it is strong.

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Beautiful blooms! Congratulations! And thanks for posting.

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LOVELY! So clean and crisp looking, very pretty! Hopefully this one will give you lots of flowers to enjoy!

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Robert (zone 7a, Oklahoma)

Congratulations, butterfly!
Wish I could sniff it! Laugh.
I wonder if it could be good old Celadine?
Do the leaves have a double line/margin around the edges?


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

HI Butterfly!!!

It is like Christmas morning right? The anticipation...

The excitement of knowing it is about to open, then...

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, she opens to give us this beautiful gift!! I know how wonderful this feeling is..... We all do and can enjoy your feelings!!!

Job well done!!!

A long time ago, i posted about " Our FIrst..." It is memory that we will always remember..

Enjoy and Congratulations..

I have been wondering where you have been!!! ;-)

Take care,


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Yeaaaaaa! It's always fun to get that first unknown bloom. Like Laura said "Christmas". Here's a pic of the double margin of a celadine.

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I don't know I took pic of leaf, what do u think?

Hi Laura! I read a lot on the forums, don't comment all that often. I am learning how to grow plumeria, still learning which is good, I love your pics with your pool in it. I recently bought 2 desert roses also, last fall, they are both blooming. Thanks for understanding how excited I am, I feel like a grandmom since the plant bloomed. LOL!
Oh by the way, all ya all are the nicest people on the forums. Just thought I would add that.
Robert, I saw the pics of your soon to be bloom on your plumie. Love your pics too.
Do you think it's a Celadine? It is a cutting. Boy was that small when I bought it over 3 years ago too.
Thanks everyone.

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No-Clue(So Cal Zone 9)


I remember my first as well. Also a Celadine (actually two). A tip broke off on the way home and I stood there crying like a babe. My family thought I have lost my marbles! LOL. So yeah we get how excited you are. She's a beauty! Congrats! :)

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Butterfly, that's the most wonderful feeling in the world to see first blooms after waiting three years! Congrats! They're lovely. I don't see the same leaf margin as Celadine, but it could be closely related. Lemon scent sounds wonderful.

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Nice work! Its got to be a Celadine relative.

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Sorry, butterfly it's taken so long to get back to you. I went out of town and now it is over whelming to get back to all the posts. As others have said I don't see the double margins. It looks so healthy and happy. Keep up the good job : ) Peg

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It looks a lot like Lemon Chiffon. The petals will usually have kind of a twisted look to them and it does have a citrus smell. It is one of my favorites. Mine bloom beautifully.


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This will also be my 3rd year, collecting Plumeria. I want to thank everyone on this forum, for helping me pick out such great plants. Everytime someone would post their favorite Red Plumeria, Favorite Bloomer, or top 3 performers I would add them to my list. I only bought plants that were recommended by the people on this forum. I when to the Corpus Christi botanical gardens, and saw Charlotte Ebert, Jeannie Morgane, and Puu Kahea, and added them to my list, they were just beautiful, hugh blooms and great fragrance. This year, I will see most of my plants bloom for the first time, and as Laura said, its just like Christmas morning. Barbra

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Awwwww, yes!!!

It is wonderful!!!

Glad you are enjoying the blooms, Butterfly!!

Peg's pic is a great help to see the double leaf margin!!!

As always, thank you Peg!!!

Thank you Butterfly!! I'm so glad you like my pics.. I love these trees too!!!

Take care,


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Thanks Laura. I know I use to always wonder what the double lined edge was, so looked at a leaf, took the pic, cropped and marked it. Know it will help others know what we are talking about. Peg

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