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MiaOKCDecember 19, 2011

Hi everyone! We've finally closed and have the keys to the previously mentioned bamboo house! Spent the weekend wondering around the house and property, marveling that we bought this big house with huge lot and pool for just the two of us and our three cats. (ha ha! DH has big plans to fill with rugrats, so shouldn't be so empty for too long). In between, I've been cleaning and prepping the cabinetry for painting before we move in after Christmas.

One thing we noticed (well, one of the many things that we saw with "owner's eyes" and not "buyer's eyes") is that there is a large tree in the backyard that is split. Trunk basically broken into three big sections, but tree is still alive and has some kind of berry/fruit on it. I think the tree needs to come out because one huge limb overhangs the back privacy fence and over neighbor's driveway, and another limb is hovering over all the pool pump/equipment. Also saw that a tree that we thought was just some sort of dormant deciduous tree is really a dead-as-a-doornail pine, albeit in a more convenient location than the split tree. There are also at least FIVE tree stumps (maybe more like 7) dotting the yard that have not had stump-grinding. It's like a tree graveyard out there.

Any recommendations for tree/stump removal companies in OKC? We are definitely on a budget, and have even thought about trying to rent a stump grinder ourselves and save the cash for the tree removal. Thanks!

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Mia, I am still hunting, but might buy on 18th street, in the Crestwood addition. Little tiny house... just for me, myself and I.

Tell me where you are at... my mail does work through (my page).


PS, never had a stump ground yet here in OKC.

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

I had a big walnut tree removed and I will use the stump. It would be a good place to set pots. If you are short on money think of something to do with the stumps. I would probably put concrete frogs on small ones or gnomes.

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Charlie English is highly recommended for tree cutting and stump removal here in OKC. We have rented a stump grinder in the past for some smaller trees (about a ft diameter). Its not that difficult if you have a couple of guys. Sometimes we have met guys working for Asplundt that work off hours to make some extra cash who will give you a bargain rate. Strike up a conversation if you see them in your area. We have found a lot of reliable people who do various odd jobs this way, by just going up and talking to them when we see them working on different kinds of jobs.

Some tree trimming you can do yourself. Some really ought to be left to a professional. It depends on the job, size of tree, location etc.

Be careful about posting personal information about where you live and your single status. This is not a private place and anyone can google you through e-mail and find you along with a map to your house. I have seen this done and was shocked at how easy it is. Just a word of caution.

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I had two cedar trees that were under power lines and had to be trimmed in the center every year, so I suggested to the decision guy that they just take them out. They did take them out, but did a sorry job of trimming out the two redbud trees near them.

My neighbor was so happy to see the cedars gone that he and his father decided to take out the stumps. The neighbor works for a rental company, and his father did the work because he wanted the wood for mulch. The trees were at the very back of our property, but blocked the sun from the neighbors garden.

I won all the way around. I spent no money and only the energy to keep calling until they came back and shreded the tree.

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Thanks, Cactus, have emailed English Tree Service for quote. You're right about keeping some things quiet online... I certainly forgot to mention my state-of-the-art alarm system, blood-thirsty rottweiler, and itchy trigger finger.

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We have hired Charlie three different times and like him a lot. He is fast and very efficient in cleaning. You will hardly know he was there outside of the missing tree. There is another guy named Gunther who is a lot cheaper but doesn't speak much English and isn't bonded or insured. We have hired him to trim the large pecan in the back and the overgrown hackberry trees in the neighbors yard along the border. I can pass on his number if you are interested.

If its a large tree involving possible property damage or liability to the neighbor we would definitely choose English Tree Service over an uninsured person. Each job is different. I talked to my husband. Him and another guy ground out some stumps larger than one foot with a rented grinder in an afternoon. He said no problem on that if you have the man power.

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A good investment for me was an electric chain saw. I use a chain saw so seldom that most small jobs can be finished before I can get the gas saw started. I have even cut a 30" dia. Elm with the electric saw. I did however cut the tree up with the gas saw once it was on the ground. I had never cut a tree that large and was afraid I might break my more expensive gas saw. I also use the electric saw up in the trees, if I since a problem I plan on throwing the thing as far as I can send it. They are too cheap to worry about saving.


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Thanks Larry & Cactus. We would want the real deal for the major problem tree, as it overhangs the 10 ft privacy fence shared with neighbor and all the pool/spa pumping equipment - an expensive mistake if a huge limb comes crashing down!

We do have a gas chain saw, but these trees are beyond our powers - we mainly have used it when an ice storm comes through and knocks a bunch off/hanging from the tree. At that point, my attitude becomes "eh, can't really screw it up much more." We got our chainsaw at a steal at the sears outlet in OKC - a little-known gem of a place!

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