Rooting Plumerias - the wrong way

merkityJune 7, 2014

I just had to share after reading through all the great advice on how to grow and root plumeria cuttings.
( i didn't follow any of it - since i didn't find this forum until after i had already rooted the two cuttings i have)

what not to do - AKA - what i did:
Leave first cutting sitting on counter in its bag under a grow light until I realized it was growing.

OH NO - quickly toss some potting soil in a pot and stick it in. ( might have used some rooting hormone)

keep soil wet - not soggy but definitely wet while watching it for new growth or rot....( aka i watered it)

it grew and grew - was quite the happy camper with morning sun.

didn't know about dormant period, so no winters rest for the first couple years.

repotted it in full leaf - the two branches keeled over - uh oh - quickly cut off all the leaves. Branches finally recovered and leaves are growing back.

kicked it outside last summer...

This year the plumeria had a winter rest and is currently got a double info on it YAY!

second cutting - I knew a bit more now, planted it before it started growing, but rooted it the same way. it spent winter inside growing its leaves and its now enjoying and outdoor summer...doing well so far.

so no special treatment, basically did everything backwards and they are both still going.

Here is a pic of #1 - its about three years old now.

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Congratulations!! Can't wait to see the bloom! This is the huge draw to plumeria - they can be hardy to an extent and handle, or even thrive on, a certain amount of "neglect". People want them to be finicky, but they truly aren't, they just need a few key things, not much! Love your sense of humor! Please keep us posted!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Lol.. It happens, like Emily mentioned Great sense of humor!!

I'm glad it's doing well.. It wants to survive!! Congratulations!!



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