Tangelone citrus tree curled leaves

ThoFue(9)October 22, 2012

Hi all

can you please look at the linked pictures and tell me what my still young Tangelone Tree has?

What I saw and did:

A few days ago I started seeing some little single eggs sticking on ONLY new leaves. With some help we figured out that it's kind of a caterpillar egg. I sprayed the tree with BT (one time so far) and it looks like it's under control.

I see some spider webs but can't see mites (i also looked at the underside of the leaves but didn't see anything). One time I have seen a spider crawling around as big as my small fingernail.

I can also see some ants crawling on the leaves but just a few.

New leaves look good but just today I saw them starting to curl too.

Thanks for your help!!!

Here the link:


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Here's your link in a clickable form.

Here is a link that might be useful: 2 images

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I saw the URL Link box right after your response.
I know better next time.

Hope that anybody can help me or should I put my problem in the 'citrus tree' area?

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No hints from anybody??

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