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pksandiegoJune 26, 2013

I just received some seeds from Bud's and was hoping for some advice before I plant them! I've done a lot of cuttings but not many seeds so far.

Does anyone have an opinion on tiny shallow individual containers (not sure if they'll dry out too quick) or placing a bunch in larger, deeper containers, which may hold water a little longer?

Also, full sun/part sun? Highs are in the mid to upper 80s and dry in my area.

And last, how frequent with the watering before they germinate? Watering thoroughly every few days, or just misting daily to keep the top moist?

Thanks so much for the help!

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well...I am not the best knowledge...but...what has worked for me is between wet paper towels and into zip locks and in a warm diffused sunny not let dry out, hence the zip lock. When you see them puff up, take the viable puffy seeds and put them into cactus mix and slightly mist with water and do not get too wet or let dry out.

You can always google , plumeria 101....all the answers and a nice guy too OR post your ??? here.

you don't want to burn them OR dry is fascinating to say the least to see your babies turn into trees all of a unique color/shape/smell of their own. good luck and may the force be with you....roxanne

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I used the paper towel method and had fantastic germination rate. After they looked like this, I planted in little drinking cups.. And then after they got their first set of leaves, put them each in a gallon pot. They are happy as a clam.

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Disneyhorse- styrofoam or plastic drinking cups?? Never done this but hopefully soon will get some seeds and try it out! ;)


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Hi pk,

I just planted mine in a normal 2 gallon vegetable pot that I got at Wal-Mart (I planted 17 in one pot). I didn't get as good of germination at Disney, but it worked fine. When they got 2 sets of true leaves, I transplanted them to their own 1 gallon pots. They seem to be fine now.

I will also attest, though, to the germination using the paper towel method in a plastic bag. I did that, too, and it worked fine as well. Although, I put mine outside in a 4-in black plastic nursery pot after the "germination" in the plastic bag. I would probably suggest Disney's method over that, as I really had a difficult time keeping them from drying out. It just didn't seem to be enough soil. But maybe that is just because of the really hot temps here in DFW. I'm not sure.

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