name this pepper

phucvu(10 b oc ca)June 29, 2011

viet people call this chi thien because the peppers point towards the sky, but i want to know the english name.

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Comes with a lot of different names.
Goat weed , Vietnamese Black Dragon , Black Cobra , Chile Negro de Arbol , Black Chile Grande and a few more.
Some versions or strains are from Vietname,Mexico and Venezuala.
Some have Pendant pods,others start out with upright pods that turn pendant and others have upturned pods.
Some plants/strains are fuzzier than other and have bigger or smaller pods.
All are very prolific and crank out the pods.
Some plants are bushy and some are tree like.
I have all of the above outside now.

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That's a very attractive chile, and once again I learn a lot from Smokemaster -- thanks!

phucvu, how is this chile used in Vietnamese cooking, and what does it taste like (heat level, etc.)? If you harvest and save seeds, I'd appreciate getting some to grow next year. I have several varieties I can trade for them.


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What would we do without ya Mike. Those peppers look narly.

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phucvu(10 b oc ca)

there's no special way to eat it and if it's as hot as my uncle peppers 3 or 4 years ago, you wouldn't want to use it as seasoning, but something on the side for people who can stand really hot chile. it was so hot that i stopped eating chiles for awhile because every time i tried i would get the hiccups from the first bite. but lately none of them has matched the intensity of my uncle's pepper.

just send me an email and i'll try to send the seed to you when they ripen up and i still remember by then.

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No E mail Kentishman...Trade list...
E mail me,I have several of the different strains of seeds/fresh and dry pods too.
Black Cobra,V.Black Dragon,Chile Negro De Arbol,Goats Weed,Black Chile Grande and a couple more.
Some are Fuzzier than others,bigger or smaller pods ,upturnd pods,pendant or start out upturned then drop down to horizontal or pendant.Some are tree like,others bush like.
All are thin shinned and pretty hot,maybe 5-7 out of 10 heat wise.

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