Mary Moragne pics...color change in three days...

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaJuly 24, 2011

Hello Everyone...

Here are few pics of my Mary Moragne that open a few days ago...the first pic is when it opened..then the next pics are of today...notice the quick color change...its hard to believe its the same bloom!!!

I hope eveyone is staying cool. We had temps here in VB at 102* today, the heat index was 116 Yikes!!!


Here is the J-105 trying to hoping with this heat that it will have a deeper color..we will see

Take care everyone,

Laura in VB

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Laura, thanks for sharing the pictures! Love the deep yellow against magenta pink on Mary Moragne!
Congrats on the J105! You're so lucky that your inflo has bloomed. It's a beautiful flower, even without the deeper colors.
I am anxiously waiting for my J105 inflo to open but it looks like maybe another week or two! Can't wait!

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

That is the darkest Mary I have seen. Mine has white in it and is not that bright. Yours looks like my Jeannie. Bill

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

J 105 this morning...

take care everyone...

laura in VB

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)


So very pretty! I have been anxiously waiting for my cutting of Kimi Moragne to open up. It was opening yesterday (the first bud), I checked on it three times yesterday... The @#%! Dogs had knocked it off while playing! It is sitting in a bowl in the kitchen. I have to admit that it a first!

Try and stay cool, har to do I know! Jennifer

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

OMG Laura you're killing me! Love that J105 bloom!!!

Bill: Do you think Mary Moragne and Kaneohe Sunrise look very similar? (You probably have both!) One reminds me of the other, as they both have the beautiful blend of yellow and pink, with the line in the middle of the petal, at least from the pictures I've seen.

Jennifer: Congrats on the 1st bloom of Kimi M! How is the color?

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

MM and KSR look very alike when cool but in hot weather and humidity they seem to look different. My mary is much older than my KSR and it came from the 282 seeds crossed by Bill Moragne which make the Moragne group. On my plants, the KSR flower is larger than the mary flower. That's all I know.

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Yay! Beautiful photos, Laura! I agree with Sunseeker that the Mary Moragne looks a lot like K. Sunrise (or is it Sunset?). Since it's supposed to be a smaller grower it's on my list and I'm thrilled that you've posted photos that show it will take on a more intense color than the ones I've seen in the milder heat of Hawaii.

J105 looks like it was well worth the wait. Those petals look thick enough to last a week in a vase--fabulous! And what a delightful shape the blooms have. Thanks, Laura!

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

Here is a picture of the blossom NOT knocked off by my labs! She isn't dully opened yet. Love the color!
Here is my Kimi Moragne cutting:


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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Very nice color on your Kimi M, Jennifer! You're lucky, your inflo has so many buds! Thanks for the photo.
I am rooting a cutting of Kimi M. that I have purchased from an eBay seller, but I am suspecting that it was mislabeled as Kimi M. cuz the picture looks more like Plastic Pink. I won't know until the cutting blooms but I don't think I'll get blooms this year (unless it pushes an inflo while rooting, like some of my other cuttings have done).

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labland(Inland Valley CA9)

That is what happwned to me this year, probably 75% of my cuttings purchased at the garden show in April are producing inflos! Very exciting! The next one to open, I think, is my Cindi M. Daisy Wilcox, U. H. Orange, Intense Rainbow, are also getting ready! Wish I had a Mary M. As well a J105 like Laura!

Aren't Plumerias wonderful!

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Oh yes, can't say enough how wonderful they are! Just the sight of these beautiful flowers in the morning gets me started right for the day! Please post pictures as your inflos open (can't look at enough plumie pictures either :-).

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Andrew Scott

Hi Labland,
I had the same thing happen to me. Laura picked up 7 plumeria cuttings from the flower show for me and 90% of them produced inflos. I did lose one on K.Sunburst. I accidently moved a plumeria and that one fell over and that snapped the inflo:( But it grew a better root system faster.

Hi Sunseeker,
I am patiently waiting for seeds to germinate. I also have J105 that I am hoping will bloom for me. Our summer temps have been really HOT this year. We have been in the mid 80's on average since mid July so if this keeps up, hopefully I will have much mroe bloomns!


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

I just want to say that this heat is killing us here on the east coast...My, oh, MY!!!! Today, ive been working up and down the east coast and the temps have been brutal...100* in CHarlotte, NC and at home in VB we hit 94* today...thats not including the heat idex!!!


Thanks for the nice compliments on the Mary Moragne and the J-105!!! I have been waiting for these to open, everyday i would check on I thought that i might Jinx myself if i watch them to often!!!!

I cant wait to see your pics of your J-105. It will be interesting to see the color differences from all over the states!! Looking forward to seeing your wonderful blooms!!!

Thanks again..


I love the look of your Mary Moragne!!! You always have such gorgeous blooms and all of your trees are unbelivable!!! The color on my Mary Moragne is quite unique,,,i was surprised to see the deep color as well.
You are right about the intense heat we are having here on the east coast and the humidity is always so darn high!!!

Hard to breath sometimes...Must be nice to not have to put on the A/C at night!!!! You all have it made in Costa Mesa!!! The beautiful days, cool nights and the wonderful sunsets...

When you say that my Mary looks like the Jeannie, that makes me wonder what the Jeannie will look like here on the east coast. I dont have any inflos starting fromm any cuttings of the Jeannie that i picked up at the ill keep my fingers crossed that i might get lucky and have one.

My Psycho, Lani, Guillots Sunset and Elsie are all going to open in the next few weeks!! Im so excited to see all of these beauties!!! Ive been waiting for them to finally produce inflos, and this year my patience is paying off!!!

With all of the great advice here on this forum!!! From you too! Thanks again, BIll!!!

Jen (CA)

Your Kimi Moragne looks beautiful!!! Lucky Lady!!! lol

I lost my Kimi and my Cindy, and it really bums me out!!! I know that we all have to loose some, but i hated to see that the Kimi and Cindy didnt make it... : (

But, i always have all of the others to watch and wait to see whats next to open!!! Thats the fun part!!!

Sounds like your labs are pretty active eh? LOL..

With all of the happenings here at my house, i have my son's black lab, my daughter's Boxer, Her weiner, and then my own weiner about going coo coo!!! I sweat everytime the large dogs go out onto the back deck. Watching the wagging tails so they dont take down a plumie or an inflo.. This really make my famly go nuts..LOL!! Im so protective of these trees, it makes them think they are number one!!! LOL...sometimes theyy are... LOL : )

Jen (TX),

I do love the look of the J-105, you right about how thick the petals are, they are definately a very hearty bloom!!

Hopefully i will have more blooms open soon and i will post them as well.

The Mary is a different deeper color than i expected, Bill had explained to me that with my heat here along with the hummidity, these colors just show us how much they enjoy the different climates. They all show us the different colors of the rainbow!!! That's really cool!!!

Im glad u rec youe seeds!!! Those Hibiscus will really love your heat down there in Texas!!! ( Texas Star..LOL)

I will email u soon, ive been busy here out on a four day trip and im getting in late and working all during the day. So ill get caught up on my emails soon!!! Gald u like them!!!!

Cant wait to see some of your pics too! Im sure they are just beautiful !! Thanks again, Jen!!!


I/ We want to see some of those beautiful blooms...LOL especially the Psycho!!! Actually all of them!! LOL

I know you are having the same intense heat we are having!!! WHEW!! its reallyy hot here...i worry about being gone for a few days and wondering about my trees getting watered...LOL Some of you all remember what happened during the "spring incident" you can understand why i worry!!!! : )

I will be home tomorrow night any ready to visit with the Yes, I have it bad!!! I have already disclosed my problem here before...LOL But, the funny thing is, i know some of you all do the same thing!!! LOL

so, i dont feel so bad!!!

Take care everyone!!!

Lets hope that we cool off just a bit, and let us try to get back to normal temps for the year!!!

Jen in TX..i hope u get some relief soon too!

Have a great day..

Laura in VB

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Laura, the image of you biting your fingernails with anxiety every time the dogs go outside made me laugh so hard! The lab, especially, must have a lethal tail.

I'm with you--you should see the look of terror my boys, the big one and the tiny one, get when a ball goes up in the air towards any of my plumies. They know where my priorities are!

Do you want me to look out for a nice Cindy or Kimi Moragne cutting for you at the sale next month?

Thanks for the kind sentiments about the heat here; it is unbelievable, though they tell us the tropical storm in the Gulf should drop our high temps down to the mid-90's this weekend, haha, with a small chance of rain.

The rain is the bigger deal. All my plumeria's flowers keep getting smaller and weaker and even more faded and I'm convinced it's because the water they're now getting is loaded with chemicals, some of which like chlorophene, won't gas off when left to sit. The foliage still looks good as long as it doesn't get more than a couple hours sun a day, but the inflos are sure suffering and I know a good rain would turn that around.

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sunseeker53(10a CA USA)

Jen, I'm glad to hear a storm is coming over TX! It's very hard for me to think of a drought in TX (because I was caught in a torrential rain when I visited San Antonio one time!) but I know it's real since I've heard enough people talk about it. I hope the storm will bring you and your plumies some much needed moisture!

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