Pepper Growth rates

shoontokJune 23, 2010

Hello all

Im wondering if Habanero peppers have a slower growth rate then other peppers such as Pepperoncini. I started both of these types from seed back in mid-April or so. They were started in starter flats indoors and when the weather became nicer i would place them outside during the day. I potted them into bigger pots when they were established well. Im noticing that the pepporoncinis are 4 to 5 inches high yet the hab's are still only like 2 inches high.

I bought some jalapeno's and cayenne plants that were already started from a a garden store and also some bell and hot cherry peppers. All of these plants are already flowering and the cayenne pepper plant only about a foot tall already is flowering like crazy and has about 10-12 mini peppers on it. Yet my peperoncini and habs are way behind? I guess i got to start my own seeds earlier next year?

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Habaneros are capsicum chinense and many chinenses are long-season plants, 150-200 days to fruit.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

my Bhuts and my Choc Habs are much shorter and more compact than my other pepper plants.
My tallest plant is Poblano; then Arbol; Thai; Tobasco; Choc Hab; and, finally, the Bhuts.
All were started the last week of February.


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wow 150-200 days maturity? for habs? i guess ill be potting a few for houseplants this winter and wait for next year ;)

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Planted seeds from a packet labeled Habanero (Scotch Bonnet) in mid-March, and my "best" plant is 17" tall with 20 or so obvious soon-to-be flowers. So, for me it has been about 90 days from seed to nearly flowering. This leads me to believe Willard3's estimate is correct, although perhaps mine will be toward the lower bound of the range. I find them quite charming--- I have 14 plants in a sunroom.

It is a shame, however, that I introduced aphids to them from a nursery jalapeno plant. I am winning the war against them, however.

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The hot ones tend to grow slower, however the weather can be a huge impact of plant growth/pod growth.

The hotter the day/night temps the faster the plant and fruit grow (with the caveat being reduced fruit set due to flower drop). I have had plants EXPLODE with growth and had pods that were freshly set and "berry sized" go to full size in a few days due to a heatwave.

This all means nothing though if you don't water it during the hot weather. If the plant is wilting too much it can't produce new vegetation or flowers due to the lack of water.

Tip: If it's going to be very hot (85F+) the next day and it's getting at least 7 hours or more of direct sun, the night before the hot day, soak the plant with water! Then check on it a few times through the day to make sure it isn't wilting. Misting it with water during the hottest part of the day also helps avoid excessive transpiration (plant sweating).

Note: Absolutely avoid feeding it fertilizer during high daytime temps, this can cause reduced uptake in water (which means wilting in moist soil!).

Hope that helps!

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The Habs are slowly growing, some better then others sice i have them planted in three seperate areas of the yard with different soil mix and different sunlight ratio's. No signs of any flowering on on any habs since they are still small although with dense foliage. The Peperoncinis have sprouted up very nice! in all three locations and have flower buds forming! Im hoping the rest of july and August and early sept. will be enuff time to sprout some hot peppers. Maybe 9 more weeks of good growing conditions and 10 to 12 weeks before frost hits?

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