Rain now light snow

elkwc(6b)December 3, 2011

Several little rain showers came through during the night. I just trekked out in the dark and it looks like just less than a quarter of an inch of rain. The ground is white now with snow but covering is all. They are still saying the 1-3 inches that they lowered it too last evening. Of course they said less than a tenth of rain also. Hope the snow amount doesn't double also. Still above freezing but dropping. They had predicted 32 for a high and we are 33 now and was 36 not long ago. They are now saying we should see sun but mid to late afternoon. They have dropped the bottom out of the forecasts for Monday. They are saying highs around 20 and lows 10-14. BRRRR. Oh I'm so not ready for this. Then high 20's or low 30's Friday. After this week I start 10 working days off. So hopefully the cold weather will move out for a while. I have my main garden close to ready. Need to shred and till in the leaves I've received. Still have to work the other 2. Hope to do that while I'm off. Had to order a hydraulic line that developed a hole for my tractor. The dealer received it yesterday. They are saying we shouldn't see much ice accumulation now. Earlier they said there was the possibility. I think the temps staying 4-6 degrees warmer last night helped. They were several degrees warmer yesterday also. With the ground temps still warmer that helps also. I hope everyone misses the ice storms. The rain will be beneficial. I need to get out on the roads to go watch a car sell at an auction later. So hopefully the roads will stay open and travel won't be bad. Jay

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I know snow can be a hassle but I'm so jealous! I really miss having seasons and snow.
We have a frost warning the next few nights so I need to cover the peppers and tomatoes. Won't be a hard frost, I'm sure the lemons will be fine.

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