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BothellMay 25, 2013

A couple in Pennsylvania are in jail and denied bail after they let their 8 month baby die without seeking medical care for him. What makes this even more wrong is that they let their 2 year old son die from untreated pneumonia in 2009. They were on a10 year probation from the prior death & had promised the judge not to let their children go without medical treatment. They have 7 other children who are now in foster care. Their attorney is claiming they are being denied bail because of their religious beliefs, Fundamental Christian. How could any rational person let their child die needlessly while thinking they could pray the problem away. I hope they loose custody of the rest of their children.

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Their attorney has to do his job, which is to do what he legally can to make sure they are treated fairly. Yet it's hard to see how they can claim religious belief as a reason for letting a child die. I think this group to which they belong is a cult rather than an established religion anyway. What's even worse is that the "pastor" said the child died because the parents' faith wasn't strong enough.

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They are blaming this on the probation department.

A transcript of a 2011 probation hearing shows that probation officers were confused by their mandate to oversee the required medical care, and felt powerless to carry it out. The family was not being monitored by child-welfare workers, who are more accustomed to dealing with medical compliance

Their pastor, Nelson Clark, has said the Schaibles lost their sons because of a "spiritual lack" in their lives and insisted they would not seek medical care even if another child appeared near death.

They have seven other children.

The state legislature, in Oregon, in 2011, removed faith healing as a defense to murder charges. It's time for other states to do the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link

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I find that so often when I'm sick or if someone in my circle has any kind of problem, it's so easy for folks to say, "i'll pray for you." I really don't like that easy shift from actual concern to passing the buck.

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And passing that buck to... whom, exactly, would be my question.

Personally, I'd rather people not pray for me... regardless of the issue. If there's a treatment, I will seek it... and if not... so be it. We're all only mortal, anyway... and I do not find my own mortality to be frightening in any way.

As to the OP... I think allowing a child to remain sick or die through lack of medical care is akin to child abuse or murder.

It has been found, time and time again, that praying does not cure the sick , nor make homosexuals straight. Religion and prayer are a theory unto themselves, and do not belong in the field of medicine, nor mixed with government legislation.

Who can care so little for the health of their child that they would not avail themselves of the usefulness of modern medicine? I just don't understand that sort of mindset, or the suffering allowed.

I, too, think religious beliefs should be taken off the table as it pertains to this sort of case. That is no excuse for allowing the death of a child.

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Believing that your faith isn't strong enough causes the death of a child is straight out of the Middle Ages. Sick.

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Well yes- there is something very unhealthy with the parents - sick - in order to be able to watch a child sicken and die while waiting for spiritual intervention to cure.

Its so terribly sad in every way, including a feeling of a deep sadness for the parents, who are so unsure of themselves that they have turned to this particular religion to tell them the "right" thing to do in every single move they make in life.

Intense therapy - years of it, with all the other kids too, what can the children possibly believe regarding their own particular, individual value after all which each of them has seen and experienced?

I feel such sadness and pity for all involved but of course the parents can no longer ever be the caretakers of anyone else, including adults such as elderly parents etc.
They are probably honestly incapable of taking any kind of care of themselves.

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It's a system of belief that suggests outcome over other living things like virus & bacteria can be influenced by the rituals of others that's more like magic!
I always thought of faith healing being about the ill person having faith that they could over come illness either by some proscribed system of prayer ritual or ingestion of substance (yes the placebo effect can often be strong)
There have been lengthy histories of spontaneous remissions either by faith or even without any faith or belief.
I Know James Randi has gone after a lot of charlatans & TV healers.

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You have to be brainless or brainwashed, or both I guess, to allow a child to die without getting medical help. I agree they should never be allowed to "care" for another human, not even eachother.

As far as someone offfering a prayer for me, I just say thank you because I think praying makes THEM feel better.

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I get uncomfortable when the expected response someone is looking for from me is "my prayers are with you" or something of this nature, but I won't say it or offer it... I just say, "my best to you", and leave it at that. Some people tend to look a little confused... like everyone is of like mind.

Even some religious go so far as to believe that the hand of god works through the wonders of modern medicine, or that god gave man the abilities therein, so why wouldn't someone at least look at it from that angle where an innocent child is concerned?

Adults can make their own decisions... children are at the mercy of parents and how responsible they are in the care of those children.

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This sort of thing comes up with Christian Scientists all the time. They do not believe in medical intervention. Jehovah witness do not believe in blood transfusions. When this sort of thing happens the idea that a parent is the best person to decide on their child's treatment hits the wall. We have to constantly revisit the idea that society as a whole has an interest in the individual of that society-it is a tough issue.

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I'd have to quit a faith that let my child die.

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"I'd have to quit a faith that let my child die."

Interesting choice of words, Rob. I don't see how a faith could be responsible. Ultimately, it would have been one's choice, as the parent; I don't see how one could blame that kind of neglect on their faith, any more than one could blame a killing on the weapon OF CHOICE.

We have free will.

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