Rooting record!

daogirlJuly 15, 2014

Not a speed record, I'm afraid. However, after 17 months, 2 large cuttings of mine have finally rooted, and are growing like crazy. Just goes to show that most of the time, these plants want to live!! I almost threw them out, they were so wrinkled.

I have another troublemaker that's going on 12 months. Root nubs, somewhat wrinkled, but still firm. I'm thinking about grafting this one, since it started to grow, stopped, and has done nothing for months and I'd rather not lose it. Anyone know a skilled grafter in So Cal? Otherwise, I may send it to Luc at FC. I'm trying my first grafting experiments myself right now, but I'd rather have a skilled person handle this one!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

hi Daogirl!

Have you asked Mike Atkinson or. Cesar Monrel.. They are close to you and are knowledgeable about grafting...Hao is another..... Diane Gottie has some torturials as well on grafting.. It is quite easy.. I did it!! Yes!! Lol!!!

Luc passed a year ago and Tex and Carol are doing all of the grafting. So they can still help you... Are you on FB! If you are, ask at "growers"

Good luck!!!


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Thanks, Laura. I'll ask Mike or Caesar on FB.

I did know about Luc, too - just a brain short-circuit, apparently. It's too bad I couldn't make it to the SCPS meeting - I could've asked for advice in person from Tex!

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BTW- I just sent you a friend request on Facebook, too!


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