Got a BIGGER Ant problem

woohoomanOctober 7, 2013

After "trying" to control my ant problem with DE and Terro so I could release my lacewing eggs, but they're still in my yard. And now, they're in my house!

I started using the Terro long before the release of the lacewings and put a barrier of DE around my plants when I released the lacewing eggs. I've seen some adult lacewings since, so hopefully I can build a nice population of them going forward.

The Terro seemed like it was working because they were eating it, but the populations just never seemed to diminish. i would just find another trail somewhere else in the yard, lay down more Terro. Eventually I finished the bottle of bait --- still plenty of ants though.

My questions --

Do boric acid baits actually work. If so, should i try Amdro instead of Terro? Or should i try some other brand entirely.

Should i use a different type of bait entirely or some other method like Ortho Home Defense?

Are there any effective methods at decreasing populations of ants without killing off my ever increasing populations of beneficial insects?

I was told that the baits work, but my mother says I'll never get rid of ANTS.

Please help me with any fallacies, myths, truths, etc.

As always, Thanks.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

I've had luck with the Terro boric acid liquid bait trays when used inside. Outside, Amdro is very effective. It can be applied mound per mound, or broadcast sparingly over a wide area. It should not be used near edible plants, however.

How were you using the Terro? Which product did you use? I am only familiar with the great success of their liquid bait trays....not a bottle of anything.

The Amdro of choice is a fire ant bait granule. It comes in a shaker can or jug. The granules are applied gently in areas of high ant scouting and the ants take them deep into their chambers. It cannot, must not be used inside. It's not a boric acid product.

As always, these two products must be used according to label directions.

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Ants in the house are a problem and they are there because they have found a source of food and moisture which they take back to the nest. Rather then put poisons around in the house, Boric Acid is a poison, discourage the wee buggers with either lemon juice or peppermint oil (the real stuff not the fake stuff), and then find out where they are coming in and seal them out. You can also distract them by placing feeding stations outside containing molasses, and then add Boric Acid to that molasses later.
Boric Acid is the best poison to use to control most ants, but if too much is mixed on the bait they will not take it.
For the most part Ants in the garden are not a real problem but are part of Ma Natures recycling machine.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ants in the garden

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The Terro I used was in a bottle that one puts some drops on provided tabs of glossy cardboard. I think the boric content was like 5.57%, as opposed to Amdro's boric stations which were 5%(that's why I got the Terro). Like I said, they were eating it.. I just never saw a big improvement in populations. I wouldn't think that .57% would cause them to die before getting back to the colony .../shrug

Kimmsr: I'm aware of the role ants play, but they are really getting out of hand. I go to water my pepper plants with a good drenching and they just come out by the thousands carrying their tiny eggs from under the mulch. How can I expect to carry on a healthy lacewing population ($60 investment), with so-called neutrals possibly decimating future generations of lacewings?


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