How do I keep raccoons out of my garden?

chere(7)October 2, 2009

I have a fenced in garden area that the raccoons get into. They ate all of my peaches and grapes. Will putting nets overs these keep them from eating them or will one of those automatic sprinkler work?

Thank you,


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you have to fence off your garden and use electric fence, one strand around the top and bottom of the fence. i know this works. my neighbor runs a u pick grape operation, and the first year he got his vines to fruiting size he said he doesn't believe he got three grapes out of acres of field.
the raccoons demolished everything.

the electric fence did the trick. in fact, i'm getting ready to fence off my acre of planted area the same way.. field fence and electric fence.

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...The blood of another racoon sprinkled everywhere you do not want them....
I didn't even want to ask how a customer of mine got the blood, but he swears it works every time...

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A good tight fence simply allows these wee critters something to climb, but it is necessary to keep other unwanted critters out. An electric fence, if it is permitted in your area, could be something else to consider. I have also seen a looser fence at the top, put up so the weith of the critter climbing causes that fence to lean outside the garden and causes them to drop off is something to consider, but I have also seen some of these buggers learn how to work around that.

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12ga over and under ..........JB

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

A 55 gal. barrel with a ramp and some dog or cat food in it will trap them. Then take them miles away and drop them off.

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In many states transporting wildlife without permits and licenses is illegal. It also does not do the animal any favors since the natives would go after this interloper you introduced and kill it to prevent it from using the limited resources the others are already sharing.

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taz6122(N.W. AR.6b)

Call animal control after you trapped them then. And let them kill them. Personally I know where they could go and not be a problem.

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tom_nwnj(z6 NJ)

Older thread, but I'm with papayamon. Electric fence is the way to go, especially since you have an existing fence. Just add the electric system onto it.

The electric system kit will probably cost you about $150, maybe slightly more if you don't have electric source nearby, and will need a solar powered fence.

I have had electric fence for 3 seasons. The only time any critter went over was a small bear on two occasions (the electric was accidentally off). Just amazing to see how bears eat sweat corn. They eat ears of corn ears like they are breadsticks.

The big training trick with an electric fence is to bait it, encourage all the critters to touch it when it is on. That means crimping scraps of aluminum to the hot (top) lead, then slathering on samples of peanut butter and jelly. When the critters touch it, they get 6K volts on the nose.

The proper fence design for deer is three copper ground stakes (neg.) and a hot lead on the top. For climbers, like racoons, add a second ground lead (neg.) 4" under the top hot lead. In that way, the circuit will be completed either by animals standing on the ground and touching the top lead, or climbers.

Just to add, store-bought electric fences will do no physical damage to any animal, just make them remember that they don't want to touch it again.

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I put crashed red pepper, they never come back.

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I had the same problem....pestie critters. I went to my local hardware store and told them about my raccoon problem, they had a product called danger zone. It worked great and keeps all animals away from my plants and is safe for the environment.

Here is the info

Here is a link that might be useful: Danger Zone

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