Monsoon season underway

elkwc(6b)December 14, 2011

Another .50" last evening and .15" the night before. Now at 6.50 inches for the year. With the cooler temps the smaller amounts help. They don't evaporate and at least have some moisture in the tops few inches. We are so thankful for every drop and hoping more arrives soon. Jay

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Jay, I don't see how you can grow anything with so little rain. You mush have a good water source somewhere. I have to buy my water at $5.50 per 1000 gal. + other charges.

I hope thing start changing for you and you can get the water you need.


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Let us know when you need the rescue squad to bring in the boats.

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I have deep sandy soil and along with deep mulch even in the hottest weather I only have to water twice a week but most of the time once a week. Otherwise it would be costly. My highest water bill was 60 something I think last summer.

Carol my feet are becoming webbed. The soil had a slight spongy feel yesterday morning when I first went out. The first time in almost 2 years I had felt that. I haven't checked my records but heard right here it had been almost 2 years since we had received over an inch in one rain. I totaled that in 2-3 rain showers over 24 hours this summer once but not all in one thunder storm like we used to see a few times every summer. Jay

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Webbed feet, cute! HaHa We are just barely under the 4 feet mark and will probably hit that today. Mother Nature is just not fair and I think you guys made her really mad.

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