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toolstackJune 19, 2014

I ordered some carolina reaper seeds but think its best to wait till next year to start planting. Can anyone tell me the best way to store them?

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It's not a big issue since you're going to grow them next year, but for long term storage I'd refrigerate them.

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Ok thanks I guess I should have thought about that before I got them.

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esox07 (4b)

Keep them dry and cool as much as possible. Usually an envelope in a desk drawer is fine for a year. Or, start a couple right now and overwinter them. You should get a few ripe pods on them sometime this fall or winter and then you can use those nice fresh seeds to grow more for next year. Plus, the overwintered plant will be way ahead for next spring. It will also give you the opportunity to make sure you actually received Reaper seeds and not some impostor. I don't know where you ordered them from, but there is a real chance you didn't get what you paid for if it was not a reputable company.

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Ok thanks Bruce I might try to plant a few this year and see what happens. I ordered them from puckerbutt pepper company. I hope they are reaper seeds! I am excited to see them to produce something.

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esox07 (4b)

Yep, give them a shot this year still. If you find they don't grow true, then PM me and I will send you a few new ones. But I think you will be fine with puckerbutt seeds.

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Alright and thanks again! Im kinda new to growing chili's. I've grown a few jalapenos before but this year I planted super chilies and Thai dragon and Cheyenne and habanaro so I guess you could say I'm hooked. My Thai are not growing well even though they have a lot of fruit for their size and I don't know why. My Cheyenne are doing well though and the habanaro leaves are getting brown spots and no blooms and they all are close to each other. So I don't know if I'm putting to much water out for the habanaro and just doesn't make sense. Im useing mg every 7 days. I've been reading other post and seen where other folks are saying to prune bottom leaves so I did that a couple of days ago, I haven't seen any bugs or other vermin on them but I have found holes in my lettuce and one large hole in one of my squash leaves so I lightly dusted with 7. Any advice?

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esox07 (4b)

I wouldnt use sevin or any other pesticide unless you know you have a problem with insects. I doubt that you have a problem with too little fertilizer. In fact, you might cut back some. Also, over watering is probably the number one problem with new pepper growers. You peppers will be happy if your soil is allowed to nearly completely dry out between waterings. My plants often get to the point of out right wilting on hot sunny days. Then I know it is time to water and they will always snap right back up after a couple hours unless I let them go too far.
Here is a photo of a Habanero a couple years ago. It wilted in the hot sun. But after watering, it was looking perfectly normal a couple hours later. This happens to my plants all the time mid summer.

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Re. the original question, like Bruce said, an envelope in a drawer should be fine for a year.

I store all my seed in small paper coin envelopes, in a dark cool, dry closet. I've recently sprouted seeds that were 5 - 7 years old with decent germination rates.

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I have the Thais growing by my tomato plants should I move them so the don't get over watered? I have some five gallon buckets but will probley use those for the reaper seeds.

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