Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Okiedawn OK Zone 7December 23, 2012

Will our gardens be blanketed in white? Would that make anyone happy? Sad? Glad? Mad? lol

While the forecast track of the storm is not real firm yet, it seems like someone will get snow. I may be too far south to get snow here, and I sure hope we do not get the dreaded freezing rain or drizzle or sleet of a wintery mix of all that with snow that makes travel so difficult.

The latest info on the Christmas winter storm can be found at the NWS webpage linked below.

I like snow as long as I'm sitting inside looking out the window out it, but getting out and going anyplace becomes so risky if we have ice that I'd rather have plain old rain.


Here is a link that might be useful: Webpage of NWS Norman Weather Office

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for many counties in Oklahoma. The timing of the watch varies a bit depending on where each county is located. You can click on your county on the linked map to see its forecast. The text of the Winter Storm Watch that applies to your county can be found linked on your county's page. Just click on the link to see the timing of your watch.

On the NWS webpage there's other update graphics showing timing of the event, forecasted precipitation amounts, etc.
Expect an upgrade to a warning or other type of advisory as time goes on if the precipitation materializes.

Here is a link that might be useful: NWS Webpage

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Dawn, the first thing on Kenna's Christmas list was "snow" for Christmas! She hasn't asked for snow for several years, so was I shocked when I saw the predictions beginning last week. I kept thinking, oh, they'll change that, it will come earlier, later, or not at all - because you know how predictions go for Oklahoma weather.

Well, they stayed with it, except for some variations in how much (everything from blizzard to freezing rain) and finally yesterday and this morning, the announcement was that we WOULD get snow. I know she's going to be tickled pink! No so much us adults, but I plan to go to my DDs tonight and spend the next couple days at her house.

I will do a lot of "playing" with the kids and their new toys and having a ball at it.

Hope you have a marvelous White Christmas, too!


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I'm not dreaming of a white Christmas but it looks like we may get one. One thing I know after 57 years of Oklahoma winter is that it is very difficult to forcast snow in Oklahoma. I hope the liers are wrong again. Merry Christmas to you and your family Dawn!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Susan, I'm glad it appears likely Kenna will get her wish. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family.

Keith, I was hoping the snow would stay further north and miss us, but the forecast seems firmer by the hour. Like you, I took a largely skeptical approach and kept saying 'it won't happen'. Of course, that sort of attitude in 2009 left me buried in snow, and I guess this year we'll have a White Christmas again.

I hope you and Peg have a wonderful holiday with your family. We've already done all our holiday traveling for family get-togethers during the last two weeks, so tomorrow it will be a quiet family day at home....which I think is the best kind of holiday if the roadways are going to be icky.

I'me watching with particular interest now the forecast for severe weather, including high winds, severe thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes, for some of the southern and southeastern areas of the US. I bet Christmas tornadoes are just as rare in LA, MS, AL, GA, etc. as white Christmases are here, or probably even more rare.

Happy Holidays Everyone and Stay Safe in the winter weather!

I've linked the SPC's Convective Outlook for Christmas Day.


Here is a link that might be useful: Convective Outlook for Day 2 (12-25-2013)

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In a while I will go out to see what the cows are doing. If they bedded down or not. Laying in loose groups together usually means weather.

I put extra bedding for the horses. Though one is not stupid, he likes to sleep on the manure pile. Bet it is toasty spot.

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Wishing all of my OK garden forum friends a blessed and Merry Christmas and safe traveling mercies for those on the roads. Here we have received a very light dusting and that looks like that will be most of what we receive. The cold did arrive. They are saying 18-20 today and 3-5 tonight. And they say it will stay around longer than first predicted. Hope the snow doesn't create any major problems for anyone. Jay

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Not terribly cold here: 30 F. But the wind's blowing and it feels like "weather coming in." The early morning forecast, for here, downgraded the alert to 1-3".

We're going to stay inside most of the time, today. No need to go anywhere.

Recently I learned that the natural gas company will be running a line RIGHT THROUGH MY MAIN GARDEN! So, I will be working to move the garden over. Plenty to do!


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Merry Christmas everyone! It's started snowing here, but the wind is blowing so hard that the roads are still clear. I hope it stays that way.


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Dawn, are you in blizzard-like conditions or is it too dry? Curious to know what's headed our way. I hope it's a blizzard so spring will be pretty and green.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Good Morning and Merry Christmas Everyone! Or, depending on where you are, Merry Rainmas, MerrySleetmas or Merry Snowmas. I hope everyone is inside, safe and warm, enjoying a blessed holiday with family and friends. I especially hope no one has to venture out onto the roadways today.

George, That is just so wrong! Why does the gas line have to go there of all places? You sure will have your work cut out for you.

Leslie, I expect our ground to start looking white pretty soon now.

Bon, So far all we've had here is rain (over an inch so far) and hail (very light). We have had thunder and lightning with scattered bands of rain since about 3 a.m. and our fire pagers went off for the first time today at 4:10 a.m., so I've been awake forever. In fact, I've been awake so long, I think I may take a nap. : )

It was 36 degrees at 4 a.m. and now it has just dropped to 32 degrees (around 11 a.m. at our house), so I expect our conditions will deteriorate a great deal really quickly. Right now, the upper level air must still be warm because our precipitation at this moment is falling at rain at our house, but as close as 7 or 8 miles west/northwest of us, a county deputy reports mixed sleet, freezing rain and snow is coming down heavy. I've also been listening to reports from ODOT about roadway conditions (they've been out with sand and salt for hours) and have heard other citizen reports of trees and power lines building up a coating of ice in some western parts of the county.

All in all, as the storm track shifted further south, those of you in central OK saw your snow forecast decrease, while ours has increased. They now tell us to expect maybe 4-6" instead of the 1-3" or 2-4" originally forecasted (we were right on the dividing line between the two). There is a mention of blizzard-like conditions for a little while later today after winds increase.

I'll keep you all posted.

I'd just like to note that my first White Christmas ever was the one a couple of years ago, and now here's another one. lol

Oh, and while I was typing this, the rain transitioned to sleet. I'll keep y'all posted.

We had Christmas earlier this week since Tim worked Christmas Eve and Chris is working today, so I am having a nice, lazy, just-sitting-around-the-house day at home with Tim and our spoiled pets.

Y'all stay safe and warm.


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Thanks for replying on this busy day and hope you're enjoying it, too. I couldn't resist. According to the radar you're very near the section of Texas getting hammered. I'm very happy you're getting moisture while hoping ya'll stay safe.

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In the past hour, we have gone from light freezing rain, to big luffy flakes of lightly swirling snow in Waurika. But the wind is picking up. Can still see the brown ground though at the moment. The ground is very slick from it's frozen coating of rain.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I forgot one! Merry Blizzardmas Everyone.

Bon, I had meant to come here earlier and tell yall what the weather was doing here, but got distracted watching the tornado reports from SE TX.

Jay, Y'all are going to be a lot colder than us tonight. We are only expected to go down to 15 degrees, but we'll be having a blizzard and very cold wind chill readings.

We have big white fluffy flakes now and the ground quickly is being covered. I put out a fresh round of birdseed a half-hour ago and now all the birds of southern Oklahoma are here having a feast, and quickly too, before the snow covers up the bird seed scattered on the driveway.

Just about every single car trying to drive on the interstate is slipping, sliding and ending up in the ditch and I am not hearing tow truck drivers going out and retrieving them either. You know, once the danger level hits a certain point and they cannot tow vehicles safely, they stop towing until after the storm ends, and we may have reached that point already.

I am hearing talk of maybe opening some shelters tonight for stranded travelers because the roads are very slick and we have hours of snow left to fall yet.

Waurika, I think y'all have a blizzard warning too right? Hope the cows are snug and warm and that the horses are not fighting over who gets to sleep on the manure pile.

Y'all, it looks gorgeous outside now, but the roads are treacherous. If you know anyone planning to drive I-35 from TX to OK or vice versa, advise them it is very slick and dangerous and they just ought to stay where they are!!!!

Here's the Blizzard Warning linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Blizzard Warning for SW-SC OK & W NO TX

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The horses are all snug in their rugs. (Read blankets.) I have their daily ration of pumpkin warming up in the oven. (Am I good horse mom or what?) I dread later when I will have to go out & put a fleece blanket on under their storm blankets, as it shall be such a cold night. Brrr, that shall be freezing fingers/hands dealing with all the buckles & straps!

The snow, while now finer, is still steadily falling here. The wind sure bites!

Not sure if the mint & rosemary will live through this, even though I coverd them all.

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We didn't get squat, but cold and dry. ugh!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

The snow turned finer here too, and you are a great horse mom. Your horses are lucky to have you.

Bon, Sometimes cold, ugly squat is good. :)

The folks in Alabama are in a world of hurt with tornado warnings all over, and reports are that the Mobile area has been hit and hit hard by a tornado within the last 30 or 40 minutes. I bet they'd gladly have traded their severe weather today for our cold icky ice and snow, or your cold ugly squat. Tornadoes on Christmas Day...that doesn't seem as appropriate as a blizzard on Christmas Day. (And my blizzard is not real impressive....cold and snowy, but not huge amounts of snow.) Just when I thought our weather was awful, I saw what Mobile is experiencing, and now my weather seems pretty heavenly by comparison. I hope that everyone in the area hit by the tornado(es) survives.

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All we got was a dusting of sleet, much to the disappointment of our youngest granddaughter who is staying with us. She was looking forward to playing in the snow. I took advandage of the cold day to sort through paperwork, which I tend to let pile up in nice weather and we've had nice weather for months.

George, that's strange that you were that warm this morn. We were at 25 by 8A.M. and have stayed within a few degrees of that all day. I would have thought you would have been the same or colder.

Stay warm everybody.

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Nothing in Grove except cold temps.

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I hate snow and I have at least 4" of it to deal with. The snow has a heavy layer of sleet under it, and at 23 degrees it wont be melting very fast. I really should look on the positive side, which would be I have no control of the weather, and we really needed the moister.

I hope everyone has had a Merry Christmas, and will have a happy New Year.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

cold dry and wind is all we got in Glenpool. Oh well at least driving wasnt dangerous.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Everything looked beautiful last night, but then during the night about 300 million wild animals traipsed back and forth across every inch of ground searching for food. We have animal tracks upon animal tracks upon animal tracks. Looks like the deer, rabbits, birds, possums, armadilloes, foxes, bobcats and more were roaming around searching for something to eat and drink last night. Some of the larger animal tracks even had smaller animal tracks inside of them, as if the little animals let the bigger animals break through the snow and make a path for them to follow. I know that we always have tons of critters and varmints wandering around at night, but to see how many tracks there are after snowfall is just incredible.

It is so cold out there! I put out food and tried to break holes in the ice over the scant amount of water that remains in the pond so the wildlife could feed today. We aren't supposed to even make it up to freezing temperatures, so I don't know how much the conditions will improve outside today, if any.

Late in the afternoon and into the evening yesterday, after the precipitation had stopped falling, the tow truck drivers and local law enforcement officers made a Herculean effort to locate every stalled or abandoned car and to get the occupied vehicles back on the road and moving, and to get the abandoned cars hauled away. They worked for hours and hours. I hope people stay home today and stay off the roadways until conditions improve.

Chris made it back to southern OK after he got off work although it took him about 25% longer. He saw tons of accidents on his way home and mentioned he thought the road conditions in OK were much worse this morning than the ones in Texas.

I am more excited about the rain (over an inch!) that fell yesterday than the snow. We sure did need the rain. Between the rain and the snow, we had our best one-day precipitation event since at least September. We'll have to wait and see what the NWS says in terms of our recorded precipitation, but we had at least 1.25" of rain before we then received 2-3" of sleet and snow. It blew sideways most the time, so some areas have very little on them while drifts piled up against buildings and plants.

Larry, At least you did get the moisture. I don't mind snow too much as long as I can just stay inside looking out the window at it.

I, too, hope everyone's Christmas was Merry and that each and every one of you have a safe and happy Holiday season. Let's hope we don't have freezing precipitation around New Year's Eve or New Year's Day to complicate those holiday travels.

Now that Christmas is over, I'm going to focus more on finishing my grow list for 2013. It is almost time to start sowing seeds.


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We did get snow here in the metro. My DD lives in Warr Acres, and the roads were covered. I don't know the exact amounts - didn't have time to turn the channel to the news cuz the kids were watching Christmas movies. Anyway, it was enough they went outside and played in it for awhile after a snowball fight ensued....lol! They were happy, and I was happy they were happy. Nana stayed wonderfully busy as chief cook, babysitter, photographer, and kid's entertainer. I was beautifully pooped out last night.

By the time I left today around 2:00 p.m., the roads were clear, some snow on the back streets still. What little moisture we got, I am grateful for.

My fingers are getting itchy or the feel of seeds and potting soil. That first sniff of potting soil in winter is like manna from heaven.

Hope everyone had a blessed holiday!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Susan, I am so glad that y'all got enough snow to make your dear grandaughters happy. Sounds like Nana had fun too.

Our roads were still awful yesterday, but are much better today or at least the heavily traveled roads like the highways are greatly improved. Tim stayed in Dallas last night to avoid driving home on treacherous roads, but he'll be driving home tonight.

We have several chances for precipitation in the next few days, so maybe the winter solstice has brought with it a slight change in the weather pattern and maybe our soils and plants will get some significant drought relief. Although we still have a lot of snow and ice here and likely will have plenty tomorrow too, we also have some snow melt and it is muddy. You know, mud is always preferable to dust! I am determined to appreciate the mud and not complain at all about having to mop up muddy pawprints when the dogs come inside through the laundry room door and leave a trail of muddy pawprint through it and the kitchen. I've mostly kept the dogs and cats cooped up inside since it snowed, except that the dogs have to go outside every few hours. They hurry right back in because it is freakin' cold out there still. Today we finally made it up above freezing, though, for the first time since the snow started falling. We're just barely above freezing and it is cloudy so it still feels really cold to me out there.

I'm ready for spring already, but suspect we'll have to endure a lot more winter weather before we can declare that spring has arrived.


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It is snowing again. It's like we live in Alaska. The snow from Tuesday isn't even gone yet. But this is much prettier than before because the wind's not blowing.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Well, better Alaska than the Arabian Desert, maybe??? I hope y'all are getting wet snow that put moisture into the soil.

Today's snow is missing us, and most of our snow from the Christmas Day storm is about gone. There was a Winter Weather Advisory for the Texas counties south of us earlier and Oklahoma counties north of us have one and are getting some precip but we're quiet here. It is sort of foggy or hazy but above freezing.

I suspect some people who didn't see much winter precip on Christmas might get some now.

It looks like our weather pattern has changed a bit and at least we're getting some moisture in parts of the state. Hopefully it will come in heavy enough amounts over the coming weeks to start chipping away at the drought.


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