Please help me identify these pests/plant disease! Pic included

alin1390October 11, 2011

First of all thanks for reading.

I have 2 problems:

1) On the back of my lemon tree leaves there are these white fuzzy stuff, not sure what they are....powder mildew??

2) Right under the lemon tree on the ground there are these white spots, but looks a bit different than the one on the tree...i'm not sure if they're the same.

Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks :)

Image link:

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Shoot, i guess i can't post a 2nd picture on here...

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Woolly whitefly. Common on citrus in your area.

From Univ of CA

Here is a link that might be useful: re whiteflies, including woolly

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ThAnk u soooooo much!

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