Any ideas? Maybe Teresa Wilder?

mjhuntingtonbeachJuly 27, 2014

I got this as a skinny cutting last August in exchange for one of my plumeria. Never got a name and it never grew more than two or three new small leaves last year. This year, it is getting healthier but it's still a scrawny tree, although it has taken off in growth this summer. Before the grow started, it threw off an inflo, a hint of things to come when I get inflos off of this year's healthy growth.

So what do you think? Very fragrant, spidery, Reddish. Maybe a Theresa Wilder?

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Don't know for sure..... But very beautiful petals and color!! Stunning ;)


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Looks like a Sundance

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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Looks more like Teresa Wilder. Not Sundance.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


It is beautiful!!!

I would think its the same as what Bill suggested...

Love the colors!!!


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Thanks for the suggestion Joshua, but I think Bill and Laura have it, looks more Teresa Wilder-ish... we'll see what the flowers look like when it gets more established.

Hey Bill, you once asked about a cutting of my Typhoon, still interested?

Laura, glad you made it safe and sound back home, hope you enjoyed your hi-tech plumeria experience here in California ;)


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It also looks like Wave Rage a little.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Mike..

I wish we had time to meet you in Huntington Beach!! Would have liked that. Did you go to the SCPS ? We visited Bill and Bud and had a fabulous time on the water viewing the boats in the harbor.. ( Huntington Beach ). Had dinner at a awesome restaurant on the water. Bud and i had fish and chips at Bills suggestion.. glad i listened. delicious!! It went by to fast, but made it home safely and no injuries to any trees packed to send Home!!

Roxanne had a get together at her beautiful home In Ventura.. Another awesome night of good spirits, food and meeting new plumeria friends!! Truly a time to remember in Cali. Hi tech is right. My head was spinning at all of the beautiful sights.. Loved it!

Had my hands on a Typhoon at JJs. But I felt like I had to many.. Argh? Can you believe that? Must have been the heat.. Even Bill mentioned to me that I should be adjusted to the humidity you guys had while there. It was HOT!! I was even tempted to put the cooler ice on my head at JJs. Lol... His boys were selling drinks and hotdogs. To cute..

My hubby would never believe I put one back.. Lol. ... But, Things happen!! ;-). I did say one!! Must have been delirious!!! Lol. Had a ball out there in your neck of the woods.. Truly is a paradise...

Love your beauty posted...

Take care. Mike!!


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tdogdad(Zone 9)

Thanks for the offer Mike but I am Maxed out. My plants are now battling for the sun and growing way too fast. I have tried to stop growing but "friends" keep slipping me ones I cannot resist and now I need more land to keep what I have. Thanks anyway. Bill

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Sounds like a great time, if short. You saw the best of OC and plumeria while you were here. I didn't make it to the meeting, 95 miles was a long drive to go solo, but I spent the weekend in the garden and getting ready for a business trip to the midwest. Sorry you gave up that Typhoon. Maybe one day I can help you rectify that mistake ;)


I know exactly what you mean about trees growing up. I figure I need at least an acre, maybe in Costa Rica or somewhere south that I can fill up with all sorts of green things - I think I am up to the challenge :) As it stands, I'll need to do triage soon and thin the herd I have here, especially this year's experiments with trying to root multiple cuttings from some of the trees I have.


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