Caring for my windmill palm.

andrew78(6)November 11, 2012

This summer my dear friend Laura sent me a Windmill palm. I was thrilled to receive this. I had told her that I was going to buy one here in NY but she didn't want me to pay the outrageous price for it.

The Windmill I believe came in a 5 gal pot. I moved it up to a 10 gal pot about 2 months later, and now I am seeing roots that are growing in the drainage holes. I have to say I am amazed that this palm has grown so much since receiving it!

Laura told me that I could plant it out and protect it, or I could keep it indoors over the winter. I chose the second option. I was worried that if I planted it outdoors, I could lose it. I would much rather keep it potted until it becomes too large to move it easily in and out every year.

I have been feeding it a time release fert(Miracle Gro) at half strength every month or so, and it has just grown like a beast!!!

Do you all have any other suggestions for me or should I just keep doing what I am doing? I have a 600 watt HPS light but I really don't have space for it under there. What light requirements does it have? Would it be ok with 4-6 hours of bright indirect light or is that not sufficient.

Considering that it was a gift from a good friend of mine, I really want to keep this palm going.

Thanks for any help/suggestions you have!


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your doing fine with it. I would be very careful with the fert. even at half strength. you can give it the indirect light and shouldn't have to much of a problem. it will slow down due to the lower temps anyway so the lightr requirment isnt as much. make sure to harden it off before it goes back outside in the summer. should have a nice palm for many years.

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Hi Mike,
What am I doing wrong with the fert? I always thought feeding at half strength was best and so far this palm is growing like CRAZY, even with the lower light levels, though I suspect that it may be benefiting from the HPS light. It isn't directly under it but about 10ft way from it.

What would you recommend I Do about the fert?


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the fert is fine, specialty palm fert is the best, but any of it is fine. palms dont have the kind of root system a normal tree does and you can really burn and clog the roots with to much fert. not that your putting the wrong type on it just a bit to frequent for the winter. they are going to slow down even under a HPS. just water when needed and try to rotate the fert maybe every other water or so. everything else seems good

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