Gopher Control via vehicle exhaust

behlgarden(9)October 25, 2011


I got gophers who are going wild in my rose planter. so far its only within the planter that is 50 feet long and 18 inches wide. but its digging under most rose bushes. everyday I see one or two new digouts/mounds.

Yesterday I used the gas bomb to gas one of the tunnels. not sure it worked but I found that folks have had very good success using Manning UE-12 Underground Exterminator attached to car exhaust using garden hose. the CO exhaust from car gets to gophers and they simply go to sleet forever.

Has anyone tried this system OR tried getting rid of gophers using exhaust? I want to save my roses, otherwise my next step would be to use gasolene into the tunnel and set it on fire. Thoughts?

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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

If the planter is attached to the house, I suggest you avoid gas, exhaustion and especially gas all that for your own safety and that of the other household occupants.

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Blocking, in any way, the exhaust from your cars engine will create more, and very expensive, problems that you do not want and will do very little to solve the rodent problem. Ask a good mehanic about those things.

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