Black Spots on Pindo Palm

ylmzmOctober 6, 2013

Two of my butia capitata palms developed black spots on the stems and leaves of the lower branches. Afterwards, the branches turn yellow and die. The spots are spreading to more and more branches. I sprayed them with liquid copper three times with a week interval in between, but it did not seem to slow it down.
Out of 8 palms, the two that I mentioned have about 30% of the foliage affected, another 3 palms have very few spots that do not seem to spread, and the rest are not affected. All are pushing new leaves and seem ok otherwise. I planted the palms this summer from 5 gal pots.

Any idea what it is and how it can be fixed?


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and here is another image of the stem:

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

no plant holds it leaves forever ...

the lowest.. are usually the oldest..

and this is why ALL palms are limbed up annually .. [probably a better term than that]

simply remove the old leave.. and your problem is gone ..

no need to do anything else ..


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Thanks. That what I thought at the beginning. The problem is that one of the palms already lost more than 50% of its leaves. Judging by my other palms, I don't think it is normal.

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ylmzm, the palm is a very conservative (if you will pardon the expression) plant. It will drag nutrients out of the older leaves and translocate them to where nutrients are needed. That is why, in commercial farms, fronds are allowed to go quite brown before they are removed.
If the symptoms are present on younger fronds you might have a deficiency to deal with.

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