fall garden probably done

borderokie(7)December 5, 2013

well the warm is gone. I have had spinach for my eggs every morning and I cut one head of cabbage this morning that Larry gave me (only had 2 survive the fall). We have had tender greens that I should have cooked more of and radishes. picked one little head of broccoli this morning and have blooms on my snow peas but I am afraid this is it. We have a chance of a lot of ice and very cold temps till next tuesday. I covered them anyway. Cant go down without a fight. .Sheila

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You've lasted longer than we have. There's been nothing in our outdoor garden except arugula for over a month. I've been eating lettuce and spinach from the coldframe for several months, and have another coldframe with carrots and beets that I haven't touched yet. Inside the greenhouse we've been eating thinnings of coolseason greens for a month now. And today I pulled the first of the radishes in there. We will be covering the beds in there with sheets for this cold spell and just hope we can keep it all alive.

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Well you have done much better than I have. The grasshoppers ate nearly all of my plants while the plants were on the porch. I gave the rest of them to my step daughter, I am not sure if she got any to produce.

I have onions that I planted from seed too late, they are not happy. I was planning on using the for green onions but they are too small. The Egyptian onions I got from George are doing well, but I think they will grow on a rock or snow ball, and anything in between.


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I wouldnt say it was great. the grasshoppers mowed down the first planting of green beans so I waited a while. If I could have gotten the broccoli in the ground earlier would have had a good crop. Just couldnt beat off the hoppers. It was fun to fight the elements and win for a little bit. Not sure it is worth it money wise. The floating cover isnt cheap but I will use it for lots of things so all is well. Have been thinking about cold frames just havent done it yet. Sheila

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