These are everywhere in my neighborhood and garage

wvubeermanOctober 9, 2013

Can anyone tell me what this thing is and how to get rid of them, home defense is not working. I have not seen them in my house but they are in the garage and all over the road when I walk the dogs. Ought it was a tree borer beetle, but doesn't look exactly like them and these have vertical smooth ridges in their backs.

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

They are common ground beetles.....beneficial insects....

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

plagues come and go thru the years... you may not see a single one next year...

call your county extension office if you are curious to see if you are not alone with this... they will probably tell you everyone is complaining ....

one year we had asian ladybugs.... described just as you describe.... basically havent seen them in the 5 years since ...

they are probably moving towards warm ... first frost usually stops it all ....

i know its frustrating.. but i wouldnt waste money on killing things that will die soon anyway ... or hibernate as most things due in late fall ...

of course.. i never lived in NC in fall.. so maybe i am blowing it out my .............


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That does appear to be the Common Black Ground Beetle which is a beneficial insect in that it eats many of the common garden pests. Populations vary depending on what food and shelter is available.

Here is a link that might be useful: Common Black Ground Beetle

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

That's very peculiar behavior for this beetle. If you verify that that it is what kimmsr says, I'd be very curious as to why they are converging in large numbers.

Have you had a great deal of rain in recent weeks or a serious drought?

I agree that your local extension office may be a source of useful information.

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