WOW! Interesting new take on jalapenos

kuvaszlvrJune 21, 2014

My husband stopped and got barbeque at a new place last night. He ended up bringing home an extra box, he said they were firecrackers. Maybe some of you have had these before but they are new to me. They take jalapenos, slice them thin, coat them in something and fry them up. Wow! they were great, I couldn't stop eating them, and 1/2 order was huge. I pretty much ate the whole thing, I finally told my husband to put them in the trash cos I was already feeling sick but couldn't stop. They had some creamy dips to go with them, but they were great just plain. Just what I need, a new addiction.

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To help with being able to identify if they were indeed tasty, you'll need to send everyone in the forum an order along with the creamy dips.

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They sound like jalapeno poppers from your description and yes those are yummy :-) I agree with nightrodspecial please send some so we can verify what they are and how tasty they are.


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hey Mark. All the jalapeno poppers that I've had, and made were whole jalapeno stuffed with cheese. These were similar to onion rings or fried okra, just thinner.

hahahaha, I'd be happy to send them out, but I don't think they'd survive the transport. ;-( Sorry, I think you guys would really like them.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Sounds like Tapas.....take green peppers, not too large, and lightly pan-fry them in oil, and then add sea salt to flavor. Many chiles are excellent like this.


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Not really (at least when I make Tapas). These things are deep fried. Sliced real thin and breaded. Ok, I went and dug them out of the trash and took a pic (funny, after 20 hrs in the trash, they still smell good enough to eat ...........that's scary).


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DMForcier(8 DFW)

Sure that isn't fried okra? ;)

There are several different ways to make Poppers - commonly halved, stuffed with a stiff cheese mixture, then battered and deep fried. The only thing that keeps one from inhaling then is that the cheese is too hot. Yum!

P.S. Those firecrackers are still good. But use some self control, woman!

P.P.S. Did they use fresh 'penos or some form of pickled?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Ah, I see....didn't realize they were battered!
They look like battered and fried Jalapeno chips.


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Big difference between those and fried's EDIBLE!

I'll have to try my hand at those. Of course, I'll have to make a cream cheese dip or something for the total wusses.


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DMF, ;-) nope, not fried okra, a bit hot for that. definitely fresh, I tried self control, maybe it's too many years of self deprivation. ;-)

Ah Josh, I never even thought, you are right, I did a search.. DUH, That's exactly what they were. I could live off of those.


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I've never had jalapenos like that. Around here, firecrackers would typically be a stuffed whole pepper (cheese, veggies, shrimp, sausage or some combination) wrapped in bacon and grilled, battered and deep fried -- or any other variation of a whole pepper appetizer.

I''m going to have to try making the sliced version,

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I'm going to make some of these this season!
I don't grow Jalapeno, but I'll substitute a pepper.


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They call them "bottle caps" around here.

It's sliced, breaded and deep fried chilis.

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OH KEVIN! I thought your blood ran back to Oklahoma. You can't mean you don't like okra!? Well, I only like it fried, although someone finally convinced me to try it pickled and it was pretty good, really surprised me. I like the term bottle caps much better, it fits them a LOT better than firecrackers. I'm going to have to try making these myself.... I wonder, if like okra you could make a bunch of them during the summer and freeze them for winter.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

Let's try deep fried Reapers..anyone?


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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I like okra fried and pickled! Pickled okra goes well in a Bloody Mary ;-)


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I love fried okra. I love fried anything.
Here in Tejas there's all kinds of fried stuffed jals.
My favorite is a 3" jal stuffed with a 9-12 count shrimp, a little cheese, battered and deep fried. Hell, a local grocery store chain (HEB) sells jars of large pickled jals just the right size.
If you make your own, try Panko bread crumbs for the frying. Really crunchy...

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Never thought of shrimp stuffed into a jal. I pretty much loved fried anything too (just don't tell all my health nut friends ;-)). So Tom, you used pickled jals for stuffing and not fresh? I'd never tried stuffing pickled ones before.

Interesting, last night we went out for some wine and I'd been wanting to try that Chocolate Jalapeno shake at Sonic so we stopped by. It was different, not sure how I felt about it. Getting a piece of jal every once in awhile was different too, although they did taste like they were pickled.

Pickled okra and a bloody mary? Now that's just weird Josh.


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esox07 (4b)

I'm with Josh. I might have to try deep frying some pepper slices this year. I don't have Jalapenos but maybe a few Hot Hungarian Wax would work. I have some fish peppers growing that I haven't tabbed for any other purpose yet. Hmmmm, UbaTuba's????
Glad I clicked this thread. Thanks Kuvaszlvr
Now, to find the right kind of breading is the key I think.

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I've not had those before but have had deep fried pickle chips at a seafood place in southern Alabama. They were addictive.

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Glad I could be of service Bruce. They did take addictive up a notch.

haha Randall, I was so mad at my husband. When I looked at the barbeque restaurant's menu I saw they had fried pickles. I have NEVER had a fried pickle chip. When I first heard about them I thought YUCK, that's nasty, but after hearing comments, I really want to try some. I have a feeling they will be as addictive as the firecrackers.

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I do both. The pickled ones are a little more tender and have a different flavor. You can also take a fresh jal, slice it in half, put in cream cheese, put it back together, cut a big chicken breast or pork chop in half, pound it thin under Saran wrap, wrap it around the jal. Then wrap that in bacon or thin sliced ham and toothpick it together. Some people put mayo on it too. I like it better with the ham, cause the bacon doesn't get crisp unless you grill it. Bake off at 350 for 30 minutes, or until the chicken is done.
I like the pickled ones stuffed with tuna fish or pimento cheese.
Fried pickle chips and spears are all over here at any Cajun restaurant.
Here's something else you can try. Two poblanos and two jalapenos chopped.
One medium onion chopped.
Three or four Roma tomatoes cored and chopped.
4-garlic cloves, chopped.
Handfull of cilantro, chopped.
Two pounds of Ahi tuna steaks cubed 1".
Heat a pan with oil really hot, drop in the cubed tuna, and cook, all the while breaking it up as it gets done. When done, add everything but the cilantro, and cook until veggies are tender. Add the juice of one or two limes and the cilantro, toss, and serve with corn tortillas and fresh tomatillo salsa. Slap 'yo mama, daddy, and sister/brother, husband, and any other relatives that are handy...

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

:-) Pam, I also love a few of those pickled Dill beans (dilly beans) in a Bloody Mary...that briny flavor goes so well with the other ingredients, such as the green olives or the pickled pearl onions at the bottom. Mmmmm!


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Can't beat a Tejas 'Tini.
4 oz. good Gin.
1 oz. Vermouth (or to taste)
1 oz. jalapeno pickling juice.
1 pickled jal.
Put first three ingredients in a shaker with plenty of crushed ice. Shake.
Slice the pickled jal in three pieces and put on a long toothpick.
Put in a frozen beer mug with more ice.
Drink while sittin' in the shade contemplating yer plants...

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Hmmmm... After reading this thread, I believe the family 4th of July get together will be taken up a few notches in heat. Will be trying the breaded/fried hot pepper chips (pepper to be decided on), a few of Josh's drinks; as well as my jalapeno burgers (diced jal mixed in burger) topped with jalapeno cheese and I'll toss a few stuffed poppers on the grill.

I need to check the shelves downstairs, I might still have a jar or two of pickled peppers from last year tucked away!

Thanks all for the yummy pepper ideas!


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Hahaha, really got something going here. I like the take on Tuna steaks (love Tuna steaks) Thanks Tom.

There's a family here who takes their food truck to the fairs called Cajun Burger, those are so good. Can't figure it all out but it's pepper jack cheese topped with jals. plus the usual accoutrements on a hamburger. We are addicted to them, wish I could figure out their entire recipe.

Have you tried the Jalapeno & Habanero pepper jack? It's become my favorite. I also tried Price's spicy jalapeno pimento cheese this weekend, that's pretty good too. I keep saying I'm going to get goats and make my own goat cheese... maybe someday.

Sounds like a great 4th Sandy. I've got a ton of ripe jals right now, I might make some for our party!

I second Sandy, thanks for all the great ideas!


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Haven't tried the jal & hab pepper jack yet. I just usually make my own queso with sautéed poblanos, jals, 'maters, onion, and garlic. Mix in a bunch of MJ and some heavy cream, and it's ready for dippin'. I even use Velveeta occasionally.
If you want to try a different burger, make up a batch of Piri-piri and add a couple of tablespoons to your burger meat. 80/20 beef or lamb. The Piri-piri recipe is in the thread "What to do with all these peppers," or something like that. For a pound, put at least four tablespoons in it. The fresh lemon juice kicks azz...

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