Larrys cabbage

borderokie(7)December 10, 2013

Don't know if you have grown that blue cabbage before.
We ate one of the two heads last night. ( Something was eating them like crazy so I think I killed the rest of them with sevin dust this fall!!) It has a bite to it. I think it reminded me of poke salad. I liked it but it definitely does not taste like regular cabbage .Would probably be good stir fried in with other things too I had one more small head in the garden. If this snow and ice didn't kill it I will bring it to the greenhouses one day when you are passing by and you can try it. Havent uncovered everything yet .It's too cold and I'm afraid to. Not really sure I can till some of this melts off of them.Thanks for the plants. I'll try to do better next time. Sheila

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Sheila, you are welcome. I like Blues Chinese cabbage. I have not noticed a bite, it seems milder than other types of cabbage to me. We eat it in cooked, in salad, and stir fry. It is a Napa type of cabbage and not as pretty as the regular cabbage. Go ahead and keep the other head because I wont be in the area anytime soon.

I will include a picture of a Blues cabbage I grew this past spring. Carol was the one to put me on to this cabbage and I hope to be growing it for a long time. I like to grow about 4 different kinds of cabbage each year.


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Sheila, I went through my pictures and found one that has at least 4 different kinds of cabbage in it. The Napa types are straight behind the Red Sails lettuce. I always have more insect and disease problems with the Napa types. All of the Napa, or Chinese types I have grown have had a lighter color and a more tender leaf.


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Larry, sorry just saw this post. Wish my garden was that weed free. Trying new things. Hopefully I will get better at gardening smarter instead of harder.

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Sheila, I guess my soil is just too poor to grow weeds because I really don't have a lot of weed problems. I think that having a trench around my garden helps with weed control. I try to stop the Bermuda and other invasive weeds/grass before it crosses the mulched trench. I also use mulch around some crops. If your garden is the one I see on the south side of hwy 120 with all the row cover it always looks better than mine.

It seems strange but my garden has had very little done to it since late last summer and is still almost weed free. It is almost onion and garlic free also. The cold weather has really knocked it for a loop.

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