Growing from Seed advice

Hazey_MattNovember 20, 2012

Hi, Ive recently become hooked on Palms and someone has given me some seeds.

ive got seeds for Cuban Royal palm and Chilean wine palm.

i have never grown anything from seeds and figured i'd try and give it a go lol, ive looked up what to do online and understand soaking the seeds and using fungicide but theres alot of different methods after that.

So any advice for the next step would be greatly appreciated.

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ericthehurdler(NOR CAL 9a)

The baggy method is very cost effective and has worked for me. Also, I purchased one of those germination stations with bottom heat at a local home improvement store and it works very well. Bottom heat at about 70-80 degrees F is very helpful while germinating palm seeds.
I havnt germinated Chilean wine palm seeds yet but i heard they can take along time, so be patient. Cuban Royal seeds in my experience pop right up.

Good luck... and welcome to the hooked on palm club!

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go buy a big big bag of patience lol. Ive has some in the heated prop almost 2 months now with nothing. dont know much about those paticular types but alot of palms seeds can take awhile.

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Check these sites for comments/experience about seed germination

Royal Palm:

Chilean Wine Palm:

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thanks tropicbreezent,
Does anyone have any advice on the type of fungicide to use on the seeds.
The places ive gone to in melbourne the range of fungicides are usually aimed at Black spot and Scale and i have not found one specifically or even mentioning seeds.
Are these fungicides ok to use? or what should i look for in a fungicide?

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today i just found one of the seeds in a zip lock back has grown mold all over it.
didnt know whether to remove all the other seeds but i just took out the moldy one and sprayed the others down with fungicide

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

That is the problem I've had with the zip method. Another is damping after germination. Now just use clay pots out door in the shade with coir . Does seem to take longer but feel the seedlings are much stronger .
Palm growers are VERY patient lol gary

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I use a bit of sphagnum moss in the ziplock bags with the seeds. Never seems to get any mould or fungus. The sphagnum seems to inhibit it. I've currently got some Nypa seeds that have been in the sphagnum for over 4 months now without a problem.

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don't have a mold problem but I see my last post in here was nov 21..since then the seeds have done almost 3 months in with 3 differant types and not a seed one has popped

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Hey, Ive had a little bit of a mold issue in two of them bags so i transfered away from the bag method and went with containers with lids.
None of the seeds i have bought had done anything as of yet.
2 cycad seeds have produced green root type sprouts and all the date palms i collected myself have all produced roots but that is all.
i have basically sat the seeds on a vermiculite/peat mix and slighted pushed down so the seed is still mostly exposed but basically on top of the mix.
not sure if this is correct way to do this or not

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Depending on which cycads they are, you'll find some put down a very long root nearly a year before the first frond starts. If the pot isn't deep enough the root will come out the bottom. It happens with some palms as well, nothing happens above the ground until the first root is well established. Some people use a large plastic soft drink bottle (inverted) with the bottom cut out. The root can go a long way down without there having to be a lot of soil.

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cycas revoluta i believe. im happy that two have sprouted cause atleast they have done something!. lol
The Palms are pretty much doing nothing since being placed where they are. all except the date palms which since letting a long root havent changed.

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