Yellow leaves on plumie!

TheLoyalPlum(9)July 25, 2014

Quick curious question:

Is it normal for Plumeria to have old leaves turn yellow and fall off outside of dormancy season? There's definitely no signs of stress minus a few spots on the leaves. There's even new leaves growing! It's just me being a worry-wart. :)

Thanks ahead of time!

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I'm having the same issue and worrying about it as well. I have a forum post on here as well. Does yours show similar symptoms as mine?

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TikiTropic(10b SoCal)

I pull yellow leaves off my plants on a daily basis. Some of them do it more than others... but as long as they're still putting out new growth, I don't worry about it.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Same here, Doug!

Loyal.. It is normal for trees to shed old leaves as it grows.. I walk around my trees everyday and pluck the yellow ones off.. It's all natural unless the whole tree starts to have yellow leaves. Thatbwould be a different issue.

One or two as it grows., nothing to worry about.. Think of all of the leaf nodes on the branch. Those were leaves.. They drop as the branch grows and produces new leaves..

Take care,


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I think that most of use walk around and take them off daily. Just another chance to look at them and see if they have changed from the last time we have looked. LOL Now I find that I am watching for seedpods so far nothing. Barb

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Mine does the same thing. Notice how on normal non plumeria trees there is just exposed bark, if there was leaves there they would be considered a bush. You can't see through a bush, a tree you see exposed branches. The leaves drop as the branches form.

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